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Meet the Actor Behind Some of Your Favorite Video Game Voices


Even if you don't recognize Troy Baker's name, active gamers will likely recognize the sound of his voice. Breathing life into disparate characters like Agent Jonesy in Fortnite to Joel Miller in The Last of Us, few people in the industry remain as booked and busy as Baker. One of his breakthrough acting roles came in 2013 when Baker played Booker DeWitt in the beloved BioShock Infinite. A couple of other games that he appears in include: Batman: Arkham Origins, Far Cry 4, God of War, Mortal Kombat 11, Death Stranding, and The Last of Us Part II. We spoke with Baker about his career, working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, what goes on behind the scenes, and his approach to the craft of acting.

Intel's Mobileye takes its autonomous vehicle testing program to New York City – TechCrunch


Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, has expanded its autonomous vehicle testing program to New York City as part of its strategy to develop and deploy the technology. New York City joins a number of other cities, including Detroit, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, where Mobileye has either launched testing or plans to this year. Mobileye launched its first test fleet in Jerusalem in 2018 and added one in Munich in 2020. "If we want to build something that will scale, we need to be able to drive in challenging places and almost everywhere," Mobileye president and CEO Amnon Shashua said during a presentation Tuesday that was streamed live. As part of the announcement, Mobileye also released a 40-minute unedited video of one of its test vehicles equipped with a self-driving system navigating New York's city streets.

SynProNize picks Arabic drama duo


Dubai-based producer and distributor SynProNize has acquired Arabic drama series Beirut Bride and Al Nihaya for distribution in Ghana and Pakistan respectively. Beirut Bride, from MENA broadcaster MBC, is a love story about a businessman and a nightclub singer whose relationship is scrutinised by society. From Egypt's Synergy Advertising, Al Nihaya (The End) is set in 2120, when the world has been ravaged and left in ruins. To set things right, a software engineer tries to counteract the impact of technology on the world. But everything changes when he meets a robot clone of himself.

Technion Ranks Number 1 In Europe For Artificial Intelligence


The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel's top university for science and technology, has been ranked number one in Europe, and number 15 worldwide, in the field of artificial intelligence by CSRankings. The rankings considered data from 2016 to 2021, including metrics like computer vision and natural web processing. As opposed to many university rankings that are survey-based, CSRankings measures each department based on how many publications by faculty appear at the most prestigious computer science conferences. This approach incentivizes faculty to publish at top venues and requires a built-in judgment of the research. The Technion has 46 researchers engaged in core AI fields and more than 100 researchers in related fields, such as health and medicine, autonomous vehicle, cybersecurity, and fintech.

em Space Jam: A New Legacy /em Is Peak, Mindless Corporate Synergy


Here is a brief, not-nearly-complete list of Warner Bros. characters that appear in the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy: Harry Potter, Harley Quinn, Rick & Morty, Yogi Bear, Fred Flintstone, Space Ghost, the Matrix, Superman, Batman, King Kong, the Pink Panther, Pennywise the killer clown, the droogs from A Clockwork Orange, the Night King from Game of Thrones, and Rosey, the robot maid from The Jetsons. The complete roster runs to well over 100 entries, but this sampling should be enough to give you the flavor of what a random grab-bag of intellectual properties the movie presents. If the first Space Jam, released 25 years ago, was a brand summit between the Looney Tunes and the NBA, with Michael Jordan acting as the chief negotiator, its supercharged successor both literally and figuratively opens the vaults, zapping LeBron James into the "Warner 3000 Serververse," where all of the media conglomerate's holdings exist on the same plane. A New Legacy's villain and chief instigator is Don Cheadle's Al G. Rhythm, a Warner Bros. algorithm determined to get public recognition for his overlooked accomplishments. But what's noteworthy about the movie's garbage-dump of WB properties is just how arbitrary and non-algorithmic it feels. There's no apparent logic to what's included and what's left out, who makes the cut and who gets left to molder in some forgotten corner of the digital domain.

Dubai police will use citywide network of drones to respond to crime

New Scientist

Dubai police will be able to respond to an incident anywhere in the United Arab Emirates city within a minute, thanks to a network of pre-positioned drone bases. The quadcopters, supplied by Israeli company Airobotics, will operate from base stations during the Expo 2020 event starting in October this year, an exhibition said to be the third largest event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup. The drones will reduce police response time from 4.4 minutes to 1 minute according to a tweet from Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Each base has a sliding roof that allows the drones to enter and exit. The drones can fly pre-programmed patrols, or be dispatched to a specific location, allowing an operator at police headquarters to inspect the scene, or follow a suspicious individual or vehicle and pass data to other police units.

AI Fact of the day - Robots can have citizenship


Did you know? Robots can have citizenship: Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to the social humanoid robot "Sophia". She became the first-ever robot to get citizenship of any country in the world. She, or it, is also the first non-human to be given any United Nations title: the Innovation Champion

Researchers use machine learning to modify the current PTSD diagnostic criteria - Mental Daily


A group of researchers from the Boston University School of Public Health and the VA Boston Healthcare System utilized machine learning to streamline the diagnosis tool for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to their new study, released in the journal Assessment, some of the questions imposed in the Structural Clinical Interview for the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (SCID-5) could be eliminated, leading to more relevancy of the veteran population. "Our study is only a first step--but an important one, because it shows that machine learning methods can be used to help inform efforts to make care more efficient, without sacrificing or degrading the quality of care provided," said co-author Jaimie Graudus, in a news release. The new research included data from the SCID-5 assessments related to more than 1,200 military soldiers, half of which were male and the rest female, who served during the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. The use of random forests, a form of machine-learning system, was also incorporated into the study.

'Hannity' on Biden's speech, voting measures

FOX News

California gubernatorial candidate lays out his agenda on'Hannity' and Leo Terrell endorses him This is a rush transcript from "Hannity," July 13, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. I do get a kick out of it. Tonight, a massive record-setting inflation, spiking violent crime, unprecedented waves of illegal immigration, China, Russia, Iran rolling over this great country, and sadly, whoever is in charge at the Biden White House -- well, is just getting started. Now, state-mandated vaccine programs, that may also be headed your way. We'll tell you the details. Government doctor, wannabe celebrity, Anthony Fauci demanding that all your young children wear masks indefinitely. We have that news tonight. Larry Elder is now officially running to unseat Newsom as governor of the great state of California. He will join us for his very first TV interview since his big announcement, and it comes with an endorsement. But, first, an important update from the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committees' bizarre proposal to redesign the American flag. We're going to explain that in detail. We've had a back-and-forth with this organization all day. If you are one of millions of Americans who disagree with the radical policies put forth by the Democratic Party, watch out because Joe Biden -- well, he referred his political opponents today -- referred to them as domestic enemies. Where's the media that got so upset when Donald Trump said the media is an enemy of the people because they lie and tell fake news? Anyway, he's saying they're working to subvert American democracy. In a set of prepared remarks, this wasn't off the cuff, better suited for a despotic socialist dictator frankly, Joe Biden said that our country is facing its most significant test since the civil war echoing Jen Psaki because all state legislatures, why, they're requiring voter ID like his state?

Death toll rises to 92 in blaze at coronavirus ward in Iraq

FOX News

American troops targeted with rocket and drone attacks, Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon. The death toll from a fire that swept through a hospital coronavirus ward climbed to 92 on Tuesday, Iraq's state news agency reported, as anguished relatives buried their loved ones and lashed out at the government over the country's second such disaster in less than three months. Health officials said scores of others were injured in the blaze that erupted Monday at al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Nasiriyah. The tragedy cast a spotlight on what many have decried as widespread negligence and mismanagement in Iraq's hospitals after decades of war and sanctions. Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi convened an emergency meeting and ordered the suspension and arrest of the health director in Dhi Qar provice, the hospital director and the city's civil defense chief.