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His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama has been appointed as Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence in October 2017, and then was appointed as Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications in July 2020. His responsibilities include enhancing the government performance levels by investing in the latest technologies and tools of artificial intelligence and applying them in various sectors. His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama is Spearheading UAE efforts to be positioned as a global leader in Digital economy, With the focus to enhance UAEs digital economy contribution to the GDP. His Excellency is also focused on strengthening the UAE's position as a global reference in remote work applications. His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama is currently the Managing Director of the World Government Summit.

How deep learning took so much time to take off


Maybe the worse thing that can happen to an idea is being born on the wrong moment, or/and even wrong place. Take the case of YouTube, was is the first video streaming platform? But it was born on the right moment! "In 1999–2000 it was too hard to watch online content you had to put codecs in your browser and do all this stuff [about company that failed two years before YouTube]" Bill Gross It was somehow similar with deep learning, since the act adding more hidden-layers is not new, and it is even straightfoward: anyone with a outside thinking could try that out, and have succeeded if we had the proper tools. What made deep learning just now? Indeed, it is amazing how fast hardware evolved, in special for personal usage.

Why AI is everywhere except your company


Not a day goes by without reports of a new achievement, investment or national plan powered by artificial intelligence. AI is embedded in many of the apps and the software we use, and it is making functions such as voice interaction a reality. Yet the adoption of AI itself is largely absent from most of the organisations with which we directly interact or work. While applications that were just a dream only a few years ago are now widespread, their development is still restricted to a handful of savvy companies. For instance, Meta (formerly Facebook) is building the world's largest supercomputer.

Self-Driving Car Startup Wayve Taps Microsoft For 'Supercomputer Muscle'


British startup Wayve said on Wednesday it will use supercomputer infrastructure designed for the firm by its investor Microsoft to process vast amounts of data as it develops machine learning-based models for self-driving cars. Wayve's technology relies on machine learning using camera sensors fitted on the outside of the vehicle, where the system learns from traffic patterns and the behaviour of other drivers, instead of the conventional method of relying on detailed digital maps and coding to tell vehicles how to operate. "Microsoft is providing supercomputing muscle," Wayve Chief Executive Alex Kendall told Reuters. "What we're looking to do goes beyond the bounds of what's possible for commercial cloud offerings today." Kendall said Microsoft will be able to process the terabyte of data - 1 trillion bytes, or equivalent to around an hour of consumer video - that Wayve's cars generate every minute.

GATO: Google's Generalized AI


Note: The entire model is trained in a purely supervised fashion as opposed to any form of reinforcement learning. The first question you may ask is how the model takes different types of inputs like tabular data, images, sound, audio, video, etc. The answer to this is that everything is first converted to the same format, i.e. After converting data into tokens, they use the following canonical sequence ordering. The goal here is to put everything in the same format with a particular ordering depending upon the task.

Best Examples Of Python Programming Jobs


A dedicated Python Developer will be expected to understand the language at a higher level and be capable of using Python to accomplish any number of tasks, including but not limited to data collection and analytics, database creation, web development, design scripting, and automation. A Python Developer frequently collaborates with data collection and analytics to provide valuable answers and insight. Python is used in web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and academic research. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the data science community's embrace of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machine-learning applications are being used to innovate organizations in education, healthcare, and finance.

Windows Speech Recognition Override Add-on


About speech recognition add-on This is a background program which you can use to change the response call of the Windows Speech Recognition application. The program allows the user to change the default "start listening" to "computer" or anything else and add a computer synthesized voice response to your call which can be set to any sentence. A tray icon will appear when the program is launched. A menu allows the user to close the application or enter settings. In the settings window, the user can change the word to which the Windows Speech Recognition will respond and the text that the computer will speak once the users says the word.

Mitigating ESG risk in AI systems through AI quality


"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort" – John Ruskin The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is gathering pace. And with a significant level of adoption in emerging markets, the trend has seen an increase in almost every industry, encompassing a range of business sectors from production, through marketing and sales to HR and risk management. Alongside this trend, companies are broadening their focus to include stakeholders beyond their shareholders. This can be attributed to a variety of factors.

Big Data Creates Many Great Opportunities With Sales Automation


Big data technology is incredibly important in many aspects of modern business. The sales profession is one of the areas most affected by data. Companies spent $2.8 billion on marketing analytics in 2020 alone. That figure is growing substantially each year. There are many ways that big data is helping companies improve sales. One of the biggest benefits is that it can help automate many aspects of the sales process.