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Top Web Analytics Tools in 2021


You may find out how many people come to your webpage, how much time they stay there, what proportion of them subscribe and buy anything utilizing data provided by website analytics software, and a lot of other helpful information that can help you grow your business and increase your revenue. Here is our list of the top 10 most common web analytics tools used by businesses all over the world to get important data about their eCommerce business. Google Analytics is the world's most popular online analytics software, and for good reason. It provides websites with both free and commercial tools, which they may utilize to gain a better knowledge of their consumers and their behavior. Regardless of the sector, whether it's travel, healthcare, retail, or anything else, Google Analytics can provide you a thorough picture of how people interact with your material, as well as what's working and what isn't.

Artificial intelligence sees more funding, but needs more people and better data


The state of artificial intelligence is promising, and it is increasingly ready for real-life enterprises. But there are shortages of talent, lack of diversity in the field, and concerns about the handling the data that fuels ever-more-sophisticated algorithms. These are some of the observations of Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth, prominent investors in artificial intelligence, who released their fourth annual and densely packed "State of AI" report reviewing developments in the field over the past year. While the report focuses on AI academia and specific advancements in medicine and other areas, there are important developments raised for those seeking to leverage AI and machine learning to move forward in building intelligent enterprises. "The under-resourced AI-alignment efforts from key organizations who are advancing the overall field of AI, as well as concerns about datasets used to train AI models and bias in model evaluation benchmarks, raises important questions about how best to chart the progress of AI systems with rapidly advancing capabilities," Benaich and Hogarth state.

Hitting the Books: The genetic fluke that enabled us to drink milk


It may not contain our recommended daily allowance of Vitamin R but milk -- or "cow juice" as it's known on the streets -- is among the oldest known animal products repurposed for human consumption. Milk has been a staple of our diets since the 9th century BC but it wasn't until a fortuitous mutation to the human genome that we were able to properly digest that delicious bovine-based beverage. In her latest book, Life as We Made It: How 50,000 Years of Human Innovation Refined -- and Redefined -- Nature, author Beth Shapiro takes readers on a journey of scientific discovery, explaining how symbiotic relationships between humans and the environment around us have changed -- but not always for the better. Excerpted from Life as We Made It: How 50,000 Years of Human Innovation Refined--and Redefined--Nature by Beth Shapiro. The first archaeological evidence that people were dairying dates to around 8,500 years ago -- 2,000 years after cattle domestication.

What is deep learning ?


Artificial neural networks (ANN), usually simply called neural networks, are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains.

Exclusive: OpenAI summarizes KDnuggets - KDnuggets


OpenAI has recently published an important work, focused on the alignment problem, the problem of ensuring that general-purpose AI and machine learning systems align with human intentions. The "Paperclip Maximizer" is a famous example of alignment gone wrong. To test scalable alignment methods, OpenAI trained a model to summarize entire books, as described in their blog on KDnuggets: Scaling human oversight of AI systems for difficult tasks – OpenAI approach. OpenAI model works by first summarizing small sections of a book, then summarizing those summaries into a higher-level summary, and so on. The results were pretty amazing, so we have asked OpenAI to summarize two top KDnuggets blogs from last year, and here are the summaries.

Saving seaweed with machine learning


Last year, Charlene Xia '17, SM '20 found herself at a crossroads. She was finishing up her master's degree in media arts and sciences from the MIT Media Lab and had just submitted applications to doctoral degree programs. All Xia could do was sit and wait. In the meantime, she narrowed down her career options, regardless of whether she was accepted to any program. "I had two thoughts: I'm either going to get a PhD to work on a project that protects our planet, or I'm going to start a restaurant," recalls Xia.

The Grand Theft Auto trilogy remake becomes a cartoon in our first look at gameplay


I wasn't expecting much from the upcoming re-release of the series-altering Grand Theft Auto trilogy, where 3D worlds and design twists took over from GTA III on to GTA: Vice City and finally GTA: San Andreas. These games can't possibly have aged well on the story side, but Rockstar Games' upcoming refresh release, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, injects a new look into the trio of classics that has a distinctly "late '90s computer animated kids' cartoon" vibe. The difference, based on this trailer's first look at gameplay, is most evident in character designs and faces. They look more like cartoon characters than very old video game character models. Even if the story and gameplay mechanics -- the GTA series hasn't ever been a masterpiece of video game feel, let's be honest -- end up feeling a little dated, fans should get a kick out of returning to each game's massive virtual cities, which are absolutely characters unto themselves.

Meet The Fintech Innovators Using AI To Reimagine The Financial Sector


The world of finance, as we know it, is changing. From new currencies to new possibilities in trade, innovation has been unlocked with a single key: artificial intelligence. Almost all new approaches to managing money have AI in their DNA. Globally, the AI financial technology (fintech) market is forecast to reach $22.6 billion by the year 2025. AI is key to fundamentally changing the way people interact with and use money.

Google is AI first: Top 15 AI projects powering Google products


We already covered how AI is integral to Alphabet. We had left out Google. As AI is starting to power all Google products, Google deserves its own focus. We are now witnessing a new shift in computing: the move from a mobile-first to an AI-first world. From smartphone assistants to image recognition and translation, a myriad of AI functionality hide within google apps that you daily use.