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Why digital transformation success depends on good governance


The COVID-19 crisis forced businesses everywhere to fast track their digital transformation efforts. Faced with the stark choice of becoming a digital-first business, or having no business at all, companies that were previously behind the curve had to implement everything from remote working to entire digital storefronts in a matter of days. According to research by McKinsey, the digital initiatives unleashed in response to the pandemic leapfrogged seven years of progress in a matter of months as companies acted 20 to 25 times faster than they had believed was possible. In the process, this acceleration of digital during the crisis brought about a sea change in executive mindsets with regard to the role of technology in business. Fast forward to today, and corporate leaders are now investing in technology for competitive advantage, refocusing their entire business around cutting-edge technologies, and initiating a business culture where experimentation and innovation is actively encouraged.

AI Weekly: UN recommendations point to need for AI ethics guidelines


"The world needs rules for artificial intelligence to benefit humanity. The recommendation[s] on the ethics of AI is a major answer," UNESCO chief …

Pandemic forcing nations to develop newer frameworks for cybersecurity – The Hindu


Raising serious concerns about AI (artificial intelligence) deployments for judicial decisions, he said, the plans to use AI to speed up decision …

Machine Learning & Art - Revue


Machine Learning & Art - Data Scientists must think like an Artist #MLart solutions for the creative industries Powered by 500+ world-class machine lea

Start Using AI for Talent Acquisition to Increase Efficiency


Have you tried reducing workload with the help of advanced technology? Most leading organizations are using automation tools to reduce human effort. In this article at Forbes, Tom Taulli shares reasons to try AI for reducing hiring hassles. Advanced technologies should get you experienced professionals with relevant skills in a short period. You can further evaluate shortlisted people for the desired job openings in your company.

Google Translate Reveals Cultural Bias


Let's be honest, all language learners have turned to Google Translate to brush up on vocabulary, verify their work, or complete a class assignment. We probably lean a little too much on the application, at least according to many language teachers, considering the inherent faults and bias can be found in the translated phrases. Countless videos and articles have been uploaded to the internet showing how a few simple English sentences were mangled after running them through the translator like the worlds most convoluted game of telephone. Yet, the convenience of Google's online translator never fails to draw us back. One source of faults between language translations arise from a globally common history of male-dominated society and is further exacerbated by the recent movement toward more inclusive language for gender nonconforming individuals.

Strong AI is a Design Problem


"Design" probably brings to mind various professions dealing with design of form, such as industrial design, graphic design and interior design. But the term design is also used in other form-creation disciplines, such as architecture and software-related technology. In technology, you have user interface design, interaction design and user experience design. I do not often encounter software engineers self-styled as "designers." However, when I hang out with people in the various related disciplines of user experience, calling oneself a "designer" is perfectly fine -- there is an atmosphere of design of form.

If AI only had a brain: Is the human mind the best model to copy?


Tristan covers human-centric artificial intelligence advances, quantum computing, STEM, Spiderman, physics, and space stuff. Pronouns: He/hi (show all) Tristan covers human-centric artificial intelligence advances, quantum computing, STEM, Spiderman, physics, and space stuff. The Holy Grail of AI research is called "general artificial intelligence," or GAI. A machine imbued with general intelligence would be capable of performing just about any task a typical adult human could. The opposite of general AI is narrow AI – the kind we have today.

Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z : OpenCV, SSD & GANs


Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z: OpenCV, SSD & GANs, Become a Wizard of all the latest Computer Vision tools that exist out there. Detect anything and create powerful apps. You've definitely heard of AI and Deep Learning. But when you ask yourself, what is my position with respect to this new industrial revolution, that might lead you to another fundamental question: am I a consumer or a creator? For most people nowadays, the answer would be, a consumer.