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Machine Learning Cases in Business Industries


Innovative technologies appear every day. Today the center of development is machine learning based on artificial intelligence. ML applications and programs will become an integral part of the optimization and success of companies. Already, these tools are helping to proactively detect equipment malfunctions, create personalized recommendations for customers, and find rational approaches to problem solving. Such programs cope with some tasks perfectly, while others still require the attention of people.

Why your next co-worker could be a bot


Sponsored Throughout history, technology has continued to augment what people can do. We're perfectly capable of travelling from one place to another, or calculating in our heads, but cars and spreadsheets make us undeniably better at it. Technologies take care of the tasks that humans find boring, difficult or even impossible to do. They can free us to spend time where we bring the most value: creativity, problem-solving, compassion, and personal interaction. However, there's often resistance to disruptive technologies when they're first introduced.

3 ways to simplify the future of work for your company


One of the great things about working in consulting is that much of my time is devoted to thinking about big, complex problems, and considerations around the future of work most certainly fit in that category. However, we as consultants also tend to overcomplicate some of these challenges, preferring grand, multi-year strategies to pragmatic advice at times. However, defining the future of work for your teams need not be a complex endeavor. SEE: Wellness at work: How to support your team's mental health (free PDF) (TechRepublic) The past several months have served as the ultimate laboratory for the future of work, forcing companies to test everything from remote working, to non-traditional schedules, to new and novel staffing arrangements. Now that we have a moment to catch our collective breath, it's worth considering how you approach the future of work in a more disciplined and diligent manner without turning it into an overly complex endeavor.

Everything You Need (and Want) to Know About AI Copywriting


An AI copywriting tool able to generate content at the push of a button? A machine that writes emails, headings, landing pages, and more?! But as this copywriter--who's very much human--will tell you, there's nothing to fear. Imagine a world where you don't have to agonize over every word, but rather plug your requirements into a machine--and presto!--the work has been done. It means you can spend your time editing, refining, and optimizing copy for various personas and channels, not brooding over draft 4.5 trying to make it all make sense. With AI, meet your new copywriting assistant that takes care of tedious writing tasks so that you can focus on what really matters: getting campaigns to convert. So, how can you use AI copywriting tools in your marketing efforts?

Top 10 Data Science Jobs to Apply in September 2021


Presently, the data science course is one of the top courses that assist you to land trending job areas globally. If you are pursuing a data science course or you are already a data scientist then, without a doubt, it is the best profession to pursue your career in the present developing world. Each organization has its necessities with regards to data science; nonetheless, various jobs are directly or indirectly, related to data science, these jobs are data scientists, data engineers, data architects, machine learning engineers, big data engineers, and artificial intelligence experts. Give data science ability to Bain case groups and customers around the world. You will work with case groups to drive results by surveying needs and creating data science techniques, products, and abilities.

The Future of Computer Science


Abstract: The aim of this study is to learn the hot topics in computer science in 10 years and to view the literature. In the last 65 years, computer usage has increased exponentially and developed…

Going Inside the Brain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - ELE Times


We do not know exactly what is going on inside the "brain" of artificial intelligence (AI), and therefore we are not able to accurately predict its actions. We can run tests and experiments, but we cannot always predict and understand why AI does what it does. Just like humans the development of artificial intelligence is based on experiences (in the form of data when it comes to AI). That is why the way artificial intelligence acts sometimes catch us by surprise, and there are countless examples of artificial intelligence behaving sexist, racist, or just inappropriate. "Just because we can develop an algorithm that lets artificial intelligence find patterns in data to best solve a task, it does not mean that we understand what patterns it finds. So even though we have created it, it does not mean that we know it, "says Professor Søren Hauberg, DTU Compute.

Apple says 'Fortnite' can't return to the App Store until Epic v. Apple verdict is final

Washington Post - Technology News

Last Thursday, Sweeney wrote to Phil Schiller, an Apple fellow and lead App Store executive, asking to reinstate "Fortnite" and update Apple's guidelines to make alternative payment methods and Apple's payment system the same level of convenience for users, according to a tweet published Wednesday. Sweeney said "Fortnite" would make a return if Apple follows the court verdict; then the two companies' only source of conflict would be over whether Epic should be allowed to publish a store within a store. Sweeney wrote that he believed "we could find common ground on the topic."

You can nab a limited-edition Billie Eilish Echo Studio for $230


After playing through some Billie Eilish tracks in Beat Saber, soon you'll also be able to kick back and listen to a limited-edition Echo Studio sporting the cover of her latest album, "Happier Than Ever." Beyond the beige fabric and Eilish's visage, the $230 speaker is no different than the standard $200 Echo Studio. That's a shame if you were hoping for some sort of upgrade, but if it's any consolation, we adored the Echo Studio's beefy hardware when it launched two years ago. It's one of the few smart speakers built for 3D Audio, and it has more than enough power to blast all of your favorite tunes. The Billie Eilish Limited-Edition Echo Studio also comes with a six-month subscription to Amazon Music, typically a $48 value.

New Blog series – Memoirs of a TorchVision developer


I plan to discuss interesting upcoming features primarily from TorchVision and secondary from the PyTorch ecosystem. My target is to highlight new and in-development features and provide clarity of what's happening in between the releases. Though the format is likely to change over time, I initially plan to keep it bite-sized and offer references for those who want to dig deeper. Finally, instead of publishing articles on fixed intervals, I'll be posting when I have enough interesting topics to cover. Disclaimer: The features covered will be biased towards topics I'm personally interested.