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Mobile App Development: Latest Trends Of 2020


Over the past few years, mobile app use has exploded. More and more customers are using apps to order their favorite food, book tickets, conduct business transactions, listen to favorite music on the go, etc., with the ever-growing adoption of new smartphones. Today, our world is a digital sphere, where it is no longer a challenge to stay in contact with friends across continents. As the number of mobile apps continues to grow, so does our capacity to perform previously tricky tasks. This paper looks at some developments in mobile app development to watch out for in 2020.

Why People Drive Artificial Intelligence Today and Tomorrow


Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is already part of our daily lives. From the smartphones in our pockets to the Alexa virtual assistants on our kitchen counters, AI and its applications are accepted norms today. While we appreciate that AI can automate repetitive workplace tasks or even drive a car, the reality is that its implications are much further reaching. Luminaries like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have spoken out about the potential downsides of AI. At times, they have even issued outright warnings.

Apple HomePod Mini review: Apple's $99 smart speaker needs to be either better or cheaper


Apple's new, cheaper HomePod is a tough smart speaker to nail down. On the one hand, the HomePod Mini boasts impressive audio quality for its size. The HomePod Mini also has a Thread radio that lets it act as a smart home hub, but for now, there are only a few Thread-enabled smart devices available to control. And while Apple's new Intercom feature makes for an easy way to broadcast messages to household members, it doesn't allow for two-way calling. Now, if you're a dedicated Apple user and you've been waiting for a more affordable Siri-powered smart speaker than the $300 HomePod, the $99 HomePod Mini is your best--and only--bet.

Part human, part machine: is Apple turning us all into cyborgs?

The Guardian

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Apple engineers embarked on a rare collaboration with Google. The goal was to build a system that could track individual interactions across an entire population, in an effort to get a head start on isolating potentially infectious carriers of a disease that, as the world was discovering, could be spread by asymptomatic patients. Delivered at breakneck pace, the resulting exposure notification tool has yet to prove its worth. The NHS Covid-19 app uses it, as do others around the world. But lockdowns make interactions rare, limiting the tool's usefulness, while in a country with uncontrolled spread, it isn't powerful enough to keep the R number low. In the Goldilocks zone, when conditions are just right, it could save lives.

David's strangely random, oddly wonderful, gadget-delicious gift guide


There comes a time in every tech journalist's year when the Muggles venture out, track us down, and beseech us for holiday gift recommendations. At the top of the list is the quintessential request: "I'd like to get them a powerful computer they can use at school to edit video, plot the orbit of the moon, and play those fancy games. What can I get for under $50?" Here's a great lineup of gift ideas and resources to get you started. It's at this point when every intrepid tech journalist takes on a pained and guilty expression and channels the internal Ebenezer. For, of course, as the messengers, it is our fault that such wonderments aren't available for the mere price of nearly free. Though we break it to our friends as gently as possible, we know that somewhere deep down, they blame us for ruining Christmas. In this 2020, oh glorious year of what the hell happened to us, I bring you wonderments, both inexpensive and unusual.

Pros & Cons Of Artificial Intelligence App Development


When you want to incorporate AI into your own mobile development procedure, it is important to learn how AI functions for different kinds of applications. Artificial Intelligence is a major portion of the mainstream these days as its innovation is integrated into almost all contemporary devices. Right from predictive analytics to chatbots, developers & organizations are constantly examining ground-breaking approaches for utilizing AI for delivering enhanced client services & reconsidering business procedures. The classifications of Artificial Intelligence in mobile application development companies are varied. It can be categorized into weak & strong.

Radical AI podcast: featuring Ryan Calo


Hosted by Dylan Doyle-Burke and Jessie J Smith, Radical AI is a podcast featuring the voices of the future in the field of artificial intelligence ethics. In this episode Jess and Dylan chat to Ryan Calo about robot regulation. What is robot regulation and why does it matter? To answer this question we welcome to the show Ryan Calo. Ryan is a professor at the University of Washington School of Law.

Vision AI will be the next worldwide web


The web may not be the largest thing to run on the internet (these days it seems like Zoom is) but it was the most transformational until mobile apps came along. You can follow the waves by developer interest: in the 2000s everyone was learning HTML and making a website. In the 2010s everyone was learning to develop mobile apps. In the 2020s all the developers are going to build Vision AI. Where the web had its impact was by digitizing manual paper-based processes.

29 weekend deals: Massage guns, humidifiers, headphones, and more


November has been full of opportunities to get your Black Friday shopping started early. We've compiled 29 great deals from home goods to gadgets, and they're 75% off their original prices. Snag some holiday gifts early or treat yourself -- nothing on this list even requires a coupon code. Prices are current as of Nov. 22. It comes with a diffuser and two flat nozzles to help you get voluminous, no-frizz hair. Adagio Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer -- $39.97 See Details Whether you're new to flying or a seasoned vet, you'll enjoy this propeller drone with a 50-meter range, an HD camera, and real-time flying footage via the Spectre app.

Amazon's official Black Friday sale is now live — here's a monster list of the top deals


Here are the best Black Friday deals on Amazon as of Nov. 22: BEST TV DEAL: LG 65-inch NanoCell 90 Series 4K Smart UHD TV -- save $549.01 BEST LAPTOP DEAL: Apple MacBook Air (256GB) -- save $149.01 BEST HEADPHONE DEAL: AirPods Pro -- save $49.01 After a weird, month-and-a-half-long limbo period following its rescheduled Prime Day event, Amazon's 2020 Black Friday sale is officially, finally on. The first of the online retailer's holiday discounts went live at midnight EST on Friday, Nov. 20, and its sale continues through Black Friday proper on Nov. 27 (with a few deals carrying over to Cyber Monday, probably).