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Pharma 4.0TM -- Key Drivers, Game-Changers, Technologies


The Digital era has been a boon to the industry. But pharma manufacturers deal with increasingly complex challenges in this digital era. Pharma manufacturers need a holistic approach to increase quality, safety, transparency, agility, and productivity. Pharma 4.0TM, a term coined by ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) is a concept adopted from Industry 4.0. The concept aims to bring in an interactive system, analytical data, advanced automation, and a simplified regulatory framework.

The Role of Social Movements, Coalitions, and Workers in Resisting Harmful Artificial Intelligence and Contributing to the Development of Responsible AI Artificial Intelligence

There is mounting public concern over the influence that AI based systems has in our society. Coalitions in all sectors are acting worldwide to resist hamful applications of AI. From indigenous people addressing the lack of reliable data, to smart city stakeholders, to students protesting the academic relationships with sex trafficker and MIT donor Jeffery Epstein, the questionable ethics and values of those heavily investing in and profiting from AI are under global scrutiny. There are biased, wrongful, and disturbing assumptions embedded in AI algorithms that could get locked in without intervention. Our best human judgment is needed to contain AI's harmful impact. Perhaps one of the greatest contributions of AI will be to make us ultimately understand how important human wisdom truly is in life on earth.