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Could artificial intelligence predict the outcomes of patients with TBI in real time?


In a collaboration project between Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), Kuopio University Hospital and Turku University Hospital (all Finland), a team of researchers have presented the first artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithm that has the potential to assist in treating patients with severe TBI in intensive care units (ICUs). Patients with the most severe cases of TBI are usually treated in ICUs, however, despite the high-quality care, recent observational studies have reported mortality rates of approximately 30%. Patients who suffer from severe TBI are unconscious, therefore, it is a challenge to accurately monitor their condition. In ICUs many tens of variables, such as intercranial pressure and mean arterial pressure, are continuously monitored to assess the patient's condition. One variable alone could yield hundreds of thousands of data points per day, making it impossible for ICU staff to fully analyze.