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Recology Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Recycle Central


China, formerly the world's largest buyer of recyclable paper and plastics, no longer imports recycled materials. Global recycling facilities now demand improved sorting practices and reject bales of materials containing greater than one percent impurities. In the face of these realities, some U.S. cities have pulled back from recycling. San Francisco, however, is meeting the challenge head on and continues to lead North America in the recovery of recyclable materials. Recycle Central, the 200,000-square-foot materials recovery facility operated by Recology, is the backbone of San Francisco's recycling system, according to Recology.

China's ban on "foreign waste" may aid the spread of AI in the US


Before getting a second life, metals, plastics, cardboard, and other solid recyclable materials often embark on a long journey that touches two continents.