Difference between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning


The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is definitely not a new one. For most of us, our first encounter was through the science fiction (Sci-fi) movies. We have been gripped by The Terminator series, The Matrix, I. Robot, Ex Machina, all depicting the amazing imagination of humans to innovate and create machines that can analyze information, solve problems, reason, and function even more efficiently than humans. Though we might not have attained the level of artificial intelligence displayed in these movies, AI is very much a part of our lives today even though we might not be aware. It influences our work, entertainment, and leisure.

FDA permits marketing of artificial intelligence algorithm for aiding providers in detecting wrist fractures


Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration permitted marketing of Imagen OsteoDetect, a type of computer-aided detection and diagnosis software designed to detect wrist fractures in adult patients. "Artificial intelligence algorithms have tremendous potential to help health care providers diagnose and treat medical conditions," said Robert Ochs, Ph.D., acting deputy director for radiological health, Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health in the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health. "This software can help providers detect wrist fractures more quickly and aid in the diagnosis of fractures." The OsteoDetect software is a computer-aided detection and diagnostic software that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze two-dimensional X-ray images for signs of distal radius fracture, a common type of wrist fracture. The software marks the location of the fracture on the image to aid the provider in detection and diagnosis.

Data Science Course Data Science Certification Training Edureka


Description: The goal of this Use-Case is to explore the movie dataset, given the parameters like: "duration", "movie title", "gross collection", "budget", "title year", etc. Know top ten movies with the highest profits. Know top rated movies in the list and average IMDB score. Plot a graphical representation to show the number of movies released each year. Group the movies into clusters based on the Facebook likes. Group the directors based on movie collection and budget.

Why Understanding Chaos Theory Is Important To Your Business


"Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future." We all probably remember the movie ("Jurassic Park"), even if we don't remember this exact scene: Dr. Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum is explaining Chaos Theory to Dr. Ellie Sattler, played by Laura Dern. Dr. Malcolm is explaining how random, seemingly negligible events can disrupt even the most carefully laid out plans. Dr. Ian Malcolm: [after the T-Rex failed to appear for the tour group]. "You see a Tyrannosaur doesn't follow a set pattern or park schedules, the essence of chaos."

How HSN used AI to get personal with shoppers - Digiday


The Home Shopping Network was a victim of its own success. Its reach had expanded across innumerable digital platforms--but while this generated reams of data about its customers, HSN's marketers struggled to keep track of individual retail journeys. To up its odds of driving conversions, the company needed to better understand its individual customers, from their unique tastes to their browsing habits. To make that possible, HSN knew it had to automate and accelerate data collection across its channels. It also had to deliver that data to marketers in an organized, easily understandable format that enabled them to take action quickly.

This giant, 65-inch smart TV from VIZIO is only $600 right now


This gorgeous 65-inch 4K XLED smart TV from VIZIO is on sale for just $600. And binge-watching all of those on a massive 65-inch HD screen instead of a laptop sounds freaking heavenly. But for real, this is one of the lowest prices we've seen on a TV this big from a major brand, and it's kind of nuts. The VIZIO Class 4K Smart XLED Home Theatre Display (model (E65-E1) is part of their SmartCast line, which means that Chromecast is built in. Which means you can instantly stream more than 1,000 Chromecast enabled apps like Netflix, HBO NOW, and Spotify, and connect an Amazon Echo or Google Home device for hands-free help.

How artificial intelligence is fuelling engine maintenance innovation at Rolls-Royce


How artificial intelligence is fuelling engine maintenance innovation at … has been steadily building up the intelligence capabilities in its aero engines.