He Used AI to Publish a Children's Book in a Weekend. Artists Are Not Happy About It

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Ammaar Reshi was playing around with ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot from OpenAI when he started thinking about the ways artificial intelligence could be used to make a simple children's book to give to his friends. Just a couple of days later, he published a 12-page picture book, printed it, and started selling it on Amazon without ever picking up a pen and paper. The feat, which Reshi publicized in a viral Twitter thread, is a testament to the incredible advances in AI-powered tools like ChatGPT--which took the internet by storm two weeks ago with its uncanny ability to mimic human thought and writing. But the book, Alice and Sparkle, also renewed a fierce debate about the ethics of AI-generated art. Many argued that the technology preys on artists and other creatives--using their hard work as source material, while raising the specter of replacing them.

Hurry! Last chance to shop the bestselling Kindle e-reader for under £50

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Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline may earn an affiliate commission. If you love to read, you'll be pleased to hear that the original Kindle e-reader is on sale for just £49.99 at Amazon - but hurry, this deal ends today. The perfect reading solution for holidays and travelling, rather than weigh down your suitcase with books, the Kindle, which is now on sale with 29 per cent off, comes with 8GB of storage, so it can store thousands of books in one place - like a small library at your fingertips. And you won't even need to buy any titles as it comes with a free three month trial of Kindle Unlimited, giving you free access to millions of fiction and non-fiction titles as well as the latest celebrity autobiographies. While you may prefer the feel of a book, the Kindle has been designed to feel more comfortable to read than paperbacks.

Journals adopt AI to spot duplicated images in manuscripts


AI software that spots duplicated images in research papers can work faster and on a larger scale than manual checkers -- but still needs editorial oversight.Credit: Laurence Dutton/Getty Just before a study appears in any of ten journals published by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), it undergoes an unusual extra check. Since January 2021, the AACR has been using artificial intelligence (AI) software on all manuscripts it has provisionally accepted after peer review. The aim is to automatically alert editors to duplicated images, including those in which parts have been rotated, filtered, flipped or stretched. The AACR is an early adopter in what could become a trend. Hoping to avoid publishing papers with images that have been doctored -- whether because of outright fraud or inappropriate attempts to beautify findings -- many journals have hired people to manually scan submitted manuscripts for issues, often using software to help check what they find. But Nature has learnt that in the past year, at least four publishers have started automating the process by relying on AI software to spot duplications and partial duplications before manuscripts are published.

What we bought: Our favorite gadgets of 2021


While plenty of gadgets cross our desks, we at Engadget also end up buying a lot of things for ourselves throughout the year. In 2021, some of us invested in smart home devices and others (re)discovered passions for things like e-books and vinyl, but there are plenty of things we bought and loved that didn't make it onto the site. Here, our staffers look back on the year that was by gushing about their favorite items they bought this year. After a few years of waffling, I finally pulled the trigger in 2021 and bought a Dyson stick vacuum. You could say I fell for the hype, but honestly it's been one of my favorite purchases of the year and arguably the most useful. Until now, we had been relying on a few-years-old Roomba (lovingly named Dale) to clean our two-bedroom apartment -- Dale did a good job, but the Dyson is even better.

Accelerating Apache Spark 3.x Free E-Book From NVIDIA


Layered on top of NVIDIA CUDA, RAPIDS is a suite of open-source software libraries and APIs that provide GPU parallelism and high-bandwidth memory speed through DataFrame and graph operations, achieving speedup factors of 50x or more on typical end-to-end data science workflows. For Spark 3.0, new RAPIDS APIs are used by Spark SQL and DataFrames for GPU accelerated memory efficient columnar data processing and query plans. With Spark 3.0 the Catalyst query optimizer has been modified to identify operators within a query plan that can be accelerated with the RAPIDS API, and to schedule those operators on GPUs within the Spark cluster, when executing the query plan. A new Spark shuffle implementation, built upon GPU accelerated communication libraries including Remote direct memory access (RDMA), dramatically reduces the data transfer among Spark processes. RDMA allows GPUs to communicate directly with each other, across nodes, at up to 100Gb/s, operating as if on one massive server.

GPT-3 Creative Fiction


What if I told a story here, how would that story start?" Thus, the summarization prompt: "My second grader asked me what this passage means: …" When a given prompt isn't working and GPT-3 keeps pivoting into other modes of completion, that may mean that one hasn't constrained it enough by imitating a correct output, and one needs to go further; writing the first few words or sentence of the target output may be necessary.

Top 15 AI and Machine Learning Audiobooks


Having covered some of our favourite AI books and AI podcasts in previous lists, this time we wanted to focus on audio books. Whilst a good book can't be beaten, many prefer to digest their information differently, seen by an increase in audio book sales in recent years. Algorithms to live by is an exploration into how computer algorithms can be applied to our everyday lives, helping to solve common decision-making problems and illuminate the workings of the human mind. In this book Brian explains the problems we face in every day life which could be solved through leveraging AI, machine processes and algorithms. This audiobook aims to teach its listeners a concept which they can, eventually after repetition, learn by heart, then allowing them to brainstorm the various opportunities for python and deep learning application.

Amazon Echo Auto launches in the UK and Ireland

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The first Amazon Echo device designed for use in a car has finally been launched in the UK and Ireland, after being first revealed by the tech giant back in 2018. Amazon Echo Auto allows drivers to play music, check the news, make calls and check their schedule without taking hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. The £49.99 device, which clips to car air vent mounts, is powered by Alexa, the company's digital assistant, just like the rest of the Echo smart speaker range. Drivers can use Alexa voice commands such as'Alexa, start my road trip playlist' to enjoy their journey safely without being distracted by their phone. The three-inch-long black box gets internet connectivity by connecting to a user's smartphone and the Alexa app, and using its existing data plan.

Amazon is now offering Prime customers free one-day shipping on items that cost as little as $1

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Amazon is opening its doors wide to Prime customers in search of faster shipping in an effort to eat up more of the traditional retail market. According to a report from Recode, the e-commerce giant has removed restrictions on its products that forbade customers from utilizing one-day shipping on items less than $5. Prime customers will be now able to select one-day shipping on products that cost as little as $1, making routine trips to convenience stores that much less convenient. While Amazon has long-sold products like deodorant, dental floss, and other household items on its platform, the restriction on price meant its users were usually required to buy those items in a larger set or tack them onto orders with other items through the company's'add-on' program. Recode notes, however, that Amazon's'add-on' program has been slowly phased out in recent months, essentially paving the way for a new ere of single-use shopping. Now, with the restrictions lifted, customers will be able to not only buy those items individually, but have them delivered imminently to their doorstep.

Amazon introduces plastic packaging that can't be recycled

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Amazon have come under criticism for new packaging that cannot be recycled. The California-based company has angered environmentalists for three items used to mail purchases: an air pillow, bubble-lined plastic bag and standard plastic bag. All three are deemed single-use only, which means they can't be refashioned for another purpose - and, crucially, will not degrade naturally. This is despite growing pressure from politicians, such as former Prime Minister Theresa May, plus a host of multi-million pound retailers who've dumped wasteful packaging. In a statement, Amazon said: 'We value our customers' feedback about our packaging, both the positive comments and the negative, as in this instance.