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Austria wants ethical rules on battlefield killer robots


Vienna is embarking on a diplomatic initiative to draw up an ethical framework for the use of killer robots on the battlefields of the future. Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said similar standards should be adopted as those established for landmines and cluster weapons. "We have to create rules before killer robots reach the battlefield of this Earth," Schallenberg told the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. He said the Austrian government was planning a conference in Vienna in 2021 "to usher in a process "to initiate a process that will hopefully lead to an international convention on the use of artificial intelligence on battlefields." Read more: Should'killer robots' be banned?

New Army 'Accelerated Multi-Node Attack' enabled by AI at Project Convergence 2020

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Gray Eagle drones were armed with HELLFIRE missiles and GBU-69 glide bombs, 155mm artillery weapons fired rounds 60km (37.3 miles) to destroy SA-22 enemy air defenses and armored ground combat vehicles directly hit multiple T-72 tanks during the Army's Project Convergence 2020 at Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz. The real story, however, according to senior Army leaders attending the service's transformational combat experiment, was about data sharing, networked targeting and a cutting edge AI system called FIRESTORM. "The bullet flying through the air and exploding is interesting, but that is not what is compelling about Project Convergence. It is everything that happens before the trigger is pulled. We did not come out here for a precision-fires exercise, what we came out here to do is increase the speed of information between sensing the target and passing that information to the effector," Brig.

GPT-3 Creative Fiction


What if I told a story here, how would that story start?" Thus, the summarization prompt: "My second grader asked me what this passage means: …" When a given prompt isn't working and GPT-3 keeps pivoting into other modes of completion, that may mean that one hasn't constrained it enough by imitating a correct output, and one needs to go further; writing the first few words or sentence of the target output may be necessary.

Artificial Intelligence meets Black Soldier Flies and Farming!


Have you ever discovered a solution to a once vexing problem, only to have it seem obvious in hindsight?

Russia's War Robots: Attack, Spy Machines In Development By Arms Contractor

International Business Times

Kalashnikov Concern, Russia's largest weapons manufacturer, has plans to develop a massive 20-ton attack and spy robot, intends to break into the increasingly popular drone market and even develop video games, the company's top executive told TASS News Agency in a far-ranging interview published Tuesday. CEO Aleksey Krivoruchko touched on his company's plans to hit almost every part of the arms and technology sectors but also said an entire family of robots were in development and the progress would be unveiled later this year. "We are pushing ahead with this work and hope to show some of our achievements at the Army-2017," Krivoruchko said, referring to a military technology convention when asked about potential new robot projects. "I'm talking not about one vehicle but a whole family of reconnaissance and attack vehicles of different class that can operate as a team." After creating the Soratnik, an unmanned combat ground vehicle revealed in September, Krivoruchko was also asked if something even bigger was in the mix.