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DALL-E is now available to all. NPR put it to work

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"A Cubist painting of a mug with the NPR logo on it, on a table next to a old-timey radio" Image generated by DALL-E/OpenAI hide caption An artificial intelligence tool called DALL-E that's stunned with its ability to render text into realistic images is now available to the public. OpenAI, the Silicon Valley research lab behind the program, announced Wednesday it has dropped the waitlist to use the program. Until now, OpenAI released the tool to a select group of users that included academics, artists and journalists. The iterative rollout was designed to curb the potential for bad actors to leverage the tool for disinformation and other harmful uses. The excitement over the invite-only tool had meanwhile inspired an imitation known as DALL-E mini, a limited model in comparison that's not affiliated with OpenAI.

Artificial Intelligence Is Sophisticated, Autonomous, and Maybe Dangerous--Here's Why


Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to cause global disaster, but humans can take steps to prevent calamity, experts say.

How professionals feel about AI takeover - THEPHILBIZNEWS


More young people than old, and more men than women, are open to artificial intelligence-powered machines replacing people in a variety of jobs, according to the latest Media & Technology Survey from Boston University's College of Communication and Ipsos. By more than 30 percentage points, Americans ages 18 to 34 surveyed were more receptive than those 55 or older when considering AI replacing people working as journalists, hiring managers, trial judges, spiritual advisers or leaders of religious congregations. Respondents ages 35 to 54 were in-between. Men were more receptive than women to AI replacing workers in those jobs by almost 10 percentage points. Still, three out of four respondents across all ages, genders, ethnicities and income groups say having AI replace people in these jobs "doesn't seem like a good idea" or is "definitely a bad idea."

Physical training is the next hurdle for artificial intelligence, researcher says


Let a million monkeys clack on a million typewriters for a million years and, the adage goes, they'll reproduce the works of Shakespeare. Give infinite monkeys infinite time, and they still will not appreciate the bard's poetic turn-of-phrase, even if they can type out the words. The same holds true for artificial intelligence (AI), according to Michael Woolridge, professor of computer science at the University of Oxford. The issue, he said, is not the processing power, but rather a lack of experience. His perspective was published on July 25 in Intelligent Computing, a Science Partner Journal.

Metatron Inc. Signs Contract to Complete Its First Artificial Intelligence Technology Acquisition


Dover, DE, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metatron Inc. (OTC Pink: MRNJ), a mobile and web technology pioneer having developed over 2,000 apps on iTunes and Google Play, is pleased to announce that the Company has signed final agreement paperwork with Geek Labs Limited to complete Metatron's first acquisition of artificial intelligence technology. The acquisition was successfully negotiated by the two parties over the course of this past week. The acquisition will be a non-dilutive cash purchase and comes with immediate revenue-generating potential for Metatron. Furthermore, this technology acquisition is a wholly owned asset within the quickly growing $450 billion AI industry and can immediately be added to Metatron's corporate bottom line. CEO Joe Riehl commented: "One week ago we formally announced the formation of Metatron's Artificial Intelligence Division. Today we are announcing that we've inked a deal to complete our first AI tech acquisition. I want to send a crystal-clear message to our valued stakeholders that Metatron is entering a new chapter and taking fast steps to add impressive value for our investors. We already have our eye on a second acquisition and talks with the seller are at the midway point. Furthermore, our new AI division has begun planning projects with talented developers operating within the AI sector to build proprietary Metatron AI technology for use in specialty applications. Our new AI division also has begun performing due diligence on strategic AI patents that our team believes could be used in developing new technology and/or holding big tech companies accountable as more and more AI applications come into use."

Inaugural Community-Based Learning Faculty Fellows Announced – Royal News


He is presently the lead guest editor of "Sustainability," focusing on the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in …