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Conversational AI: Revolutionising Banking as We Know it


The term conversational AI (CAI) refers to the underlying set of intelligent technologies that enable software systems to interact with humans using natural language processing (NLP). This involves the ability of software to understand the intent behind what a human is saying and respond in an intelligent, conversational way. In the last decade, technologies and use cases have evolved so rapidly that we have seen a deluge of terms enter circulation like chatbot, virtual agent, voice assistant and conversational UI to name a few. For senior executives and customer-focused leaders, certainly they should be looking to make this new channel a fundamental part of their banks' wider customer engagement strategy. That's why EPAM has produced a white paper outlining 7 Lessons Learned from the Field as a practical guide for both business leaders and technologists with customer-facing responsibilities in banking.

Artificial Intelligence is the Transformative Force in Healthcare


Artificial Intelligence is the Transformative Force in Healthcare … Artificial intelligence, the technology that is seen as a home name today is poised to …

Nvidia, Innovation Authority set up AI-based hub in Haifa


New center aims to boost the tech ecosystem in northern Israel by giving entrepreneurs access to the most advanced AI-based computing tools.

BMW combines AI tech with age old art pieces for its new range


The latest series of the brand known as BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe uses artificial intelligence (AI) to paint the exteriors of the cars which makes the …

Brands launch ad campaigns to celebrate International Mother's Day


… programmes such as data science, business analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and digital marketing . In the first …

An 'Artificial Intelligence Backpack' will be developed to support walking for blind people in place of …


A research team at the University of Georgia has developed a "system that supports the visually impaired with an AI-equipped backpack" in an effort to …

New Report On Artificial intelligence (AI) Chips Market Evolving Technology and Growth Outlook …


The recent report on the Artificial intelligence (AI) Chips market predicts the industry's performance for the upcoming years to help stakeholders in …

[D] Companies that sell "creative" AI/ML products and services


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In-Q-Tel Invests in AI Tools Developer Fiddler; Krishna Gade Quoted


A.J. Bertone, partner at In-Q-Tel, said in a statement published Thursday Fiddler's platform works to ensure that AI and machine learning systems …