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Artificial intelligence tool could increase patient health literacy, study shows


His research interests are in machine learning and natural language processing, specifically regarding model evaluation, quantifying uncertainty, …

Konect Ai Expands within the Automotive Industry and Announces Jerry Salerno as President


HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Konect Ai, a leader in automotive artificial intelligence, is thrilled to announce the addition of Jerry Salerno as …

Surgeon and researcher innovate with mixed reality and AI for safer surgeries


The Oklahoma changemakers have devised a system for using artificial intelligence to visualize superimposed and anatomically aligned 3D CT scan …

Anduin earmarks $14M seed round for intelligent practice management


Anduin, a startup providing artificial intelligence-based accounts receivable software, has closed a $14 million seed round.

Artificial Intelligence – Extended Education


An exciting new program. Unlock your coding knowledge by learning how to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to devise and …

Digital Bias: The New Frontier for Retail Inclusivity


For years, retailers have been trying to mitigate the effects of inherent bias or unintended discrimination in their physical shopping experiences. And while no one would claim the problem has been solved entirely, many retailers are now taking steps to make sure their customers aren't profiled by the way they look, who they're with, or how they dress or act when they walk into a store. But with shopping becoming an increasingly digital experience, retailers must confront a new and perhaps more unfamiliar challenge: digital bias. Instead of combatting prejudice or unconscious bias among frontline workers, retailers must now look to eliminate bias in their own data, in the related algorithms, and the use of these in their digital practices. This is a growing issue. More and more shopping is moving online, a trend that was supercharged by the massive digital acceleration seen during the pandemic.

AI Predict Mortality Risk Using Socioeconomic, Clinical Data


Using the artificial intelligence tool, medical professionals can identify … The machine learning algorithm was able to accurately predict the 30-day …

Fero Labs Raises $9 Million in Series A Financing to Bring Explainable Machine Learning to …


Its comprehensive explainable machine learning software is unique in that it provides plant operators, with little to no data science background, access …