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Does this AI know it's alive?


We don't have much reason to think that they have an internal monologue, the kind of sense perception humans have, or an awareness that they're a being in the world. Over the weekend, the Washington Post's Nitasha Tiku published a profile of Blake Lemoine, a software engineer assigned to work on the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) project at Google. LaMDA is a chatbot AI, and an example of what machine learning researchers call a "large language model," or even a "foundation model." It's similar to OpenAI's famous GPT-3 system, and has been trained on literally trillions of words compiled from online posts to recognize and reproduce patterns in human language. LaMDA is a really good large language model.

How the cloud influences digital transformation – Techaeris


A few decades ago, tech innovations like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning were more fiction than reality.

Artificial intelligence-enhanced journalism offers a glimpse of the future of the knowledge economy


RADAR journalists use a tool called Arria Studio, which offers a glimpse of what writing automated content looks like in practice. The author writes fragments of text controlled by data-driven if-then-else rules. For instance, in an earthquake report you might want a different adjective to talk about a quake that is magnitude 8 than one that is magnitude 3. So you'd have a rule like, IF magnitude 7 THEN text "strong earthquake," ELSE IF magnitude 4 THEN text "minor earthquake." Tools like Arria also contain linguistic functionality to automatically conjugate verbs or decline nouns, making it easier to work with bits of text that need to change based on data.

Tecton Partners with Databricks to Help Enterprises Deploy Machine Learning Applications to Production in Minutes


SAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tecton, the enterprise feature store company, today announced a partnership with Databricks, the Data and AI Company and pioneer of the data lakehouse paradigm, to help organizations build and automate their machine learning (ML) feature pipelines from prototype to production. Tecton is integrated with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform so data teams can use Tecton to build production-ready ML features on Databricks in minutes.

How 'The Dress' Sparked a Neuroscience Breakthrough


Back in 2015, before Brexit, before Trump, before Macedonian internet trolls, before QAnon and Covid conspiracy theories, before fake news and alternative facts, the disagreement over the Dress was described by one NPR affiliate as "the debate that broke the internet." The Washington Post called it "the drama that divided the planet." If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. The Dress was a meme, a viral photo that appeared all across social media for a few months.

How Close Is AI to Becoming Sentient? – Government Technology


LaMDA is a machine-learning model that has been trained on mountains of text to mimic human conversation by predicting which word would, …

Is GPT-4chan the worst AI ever?


The bot was trained on three years' worth of posts from 4chan, the repulsive cousin of Reddit. Kilchner fed the bot threads from the Politically Incorrect /pol/ board, a 4chan message board notorious for racist, xenophobic, and hateful content. The bot sparked a heated debate on social media before it went offline. This is the worst AI ever! I trained a language model on 4chan's /pol/ board and the result is…. Watch here (warning: may be offensive):

How AI can help businesses leverage high returns on investment – The Economic Times


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the major trends in technology, and it has evolved to be a crucial tool for organizations that want to …

India's investments in AI to cross $880 mn by 2023: NASSCOM report – Business Standard


The global artificial intelligence investments have doubled in the last year, but India's share in global AI investment remains at 1.5%, …