Can a robot be a true friend? Are we lonely enough to consider relationships with machines? What is companionship and can a machine be a substitute for a human companion? Second in a quadrilogy of short films exploring topical issues within the field of artificial intelligence - Friend in the Machine presents fascinating insights from academia and industry about the world of companion robots and asks what it means to be human in an age of nearly human machines.

TGI Fridays' quest to reinvent happy hour (and itself) with chatbots and IoT


The TGI Fridays CIO and vice president for strategy and brand initiatives is testing those technologies and more in a mock restaurant that serves as a launching pad for digital tools that could redefine casual dining in a world where more millennials cook at home or order from quick-service chains. As AI and ML technologies improve, brands will "push" offers at consumers rather than require them to "pull" services by initiating requests via text or voice. In tapping emerging technologies and services, Mityas is peering around the corners, intent on predicting what services will drum up interest among fickle consumers' and ultimately improve business outcomes. As the president and CEO of Hollywood Video parent Movie Gallery from 2008 to 2010, Mityas had a front-row seat as Netflix, and, later, other streaming video services such as Amazon Instant Video and Hulu pushed Movie Gallery and Blockbuster out of business.

End-of-life chatbot can help you with difficult final decisions

New Scientist

Could chatbots lend a non-judgemental ear to people making decisions about the end of their life? The earlier people start considering how they want to die and what they want to happen afterwards, the easier it is for those around them to act on those decisions – for example, ensuring they don't die in hospice if they would prefer to be at home. Writer and film-maker Avril Furness agrees that technology can be a useful way to help people start having difficult conversations about death. Furness, who has explored the subject of assisted suicide, says Bickmore's chatbot system is another good way to get people thinking about the end of their life, helping them work through their feelings without worrying what someone else thinks.

What do movies teach us about Artificial Intelligence?


It goes rogue and tries to initiate a world war, eventually taking many human lives. It can make machines of its own, intended for human good, but eventually it becomes so corrupted, sadistic, and bloodthirsty that it builds war machines that eliminate humans themselves. If you noticed, there is something common in all the movies mentioned above, the Artificial intelligence in all these movies eventually becomes aware of its superior capabilities to humans. These reasons are basic human instincts bring depicted by the A.I.

Co-Clustering Can Provide Industrial Data Pattern Discovery


Data clustering is the classification of data objects into different groups (clusters) such that data objects in one group are similar together and dissimilar from another group. Collaborative information filtering applications such as movie recommender systems co-cluster the accumulated movie rating provided by viewers and the movies they have watched. Using this information, the viewer is recommended other movies by classifying the rating he/she provided to a viewer ratings-movies watched cluster. An entry Cij of the matrix signifies the relation between the data type represented by row i and column j. Co-clustering is the problem of deriving sub-matrices from the larger data matrix by simultaneously clustering rows and columns of the data matrix.

What kind of relationship will you have with your AI?


As a part of my ongoing research to understand AI driven product design, I found that social psychology indeed, is a very interesting way of understanding the world. One of the things word vectors do really well, is that they take natural language text and build a vector form of each word. I really wanted to build this and present a working personalization model based on building human like contextual relationships with the bot. Who knows, teaching AI to be friends with human beings might be the only way to save us from possible armageddon one day.

Recommended Reading: Hollywood is really mad at Rotten Tomatoes


The New York Times takes a look at the rift the movie ratings site has created with its Tomatometer. I'd argue studios should stop blaming a website and just start making better movies, but what do I know. Facebook's Role in Trump's Win Is Clear. After its CEO claimed there's no way the site played a role in electing Trump, the facts say otherwise.

Mark Sagar Made a Baby in His Lab. Now It Plays the Piano


At the University of Auckland, if you want to run hours upon hours of experiments on a baby trapped in a high chair, that's cool. When I visited the computer scientist's lab last year, BabyX was stuck inside a computer but could still see me sitting in front of the screen with her "father." Soul Machines wants to produce the first wave of likable, believable virtual assistants that work as customer service agents and breathe life into hunks of plastic such as's Companies with similar aspirations throughout Japan and the U.S. have produced a wide array of virtual avatars, assistants, and holograms. For a couple of years he used the creatures as the basis of a virtual assistant startup called Life F/X and had his faces read emails aloud.

Google wants its Assistant to be your personal translator


That's on top of the thousands of third-party skills Amazon's AI already has. All it takes is for you to ask: "Ok, Google, be my [insert language] translator," and the Assistant will repeat your words in the requested language. In the same keynote video, Google's Behshad Behzadi also exhibits improvements in the system's ability to grasp context. He then repeats his "pictures of Thomas" prompt, and sure enough Thomas Müller is the first search result Assistant provides.