New book recounts origins, mechanisms of artificial intelligence Media Relations and Communications


This article was written by a human being who click-clacked on a keyboard until she finished a draft and sent it to an editor. But more and more, computers are taking over. In fact, the Associated Press has used "automation technology" to cover college sports since 2015. The idea isn't new--humans have obsessed over artificial intelligence (AI) since at least the 18th century, when the "Mechanical Turk" hoax led many to believe that a machine could play chess against a person and win. About 250 years later, a machine can play chess against a person and win--every time.

Computer Stories: A.I. Is Beginning to Assist Novelists


But the input can be pushed in certain directions. A quarter-century ago, an electronic surveillance consultant named Scott French used a supercharged Mac to imitate Jacqueline Susann's sex-drenched tales. His approach was different from Mr. Sloan's. Mr. French wrote thousands of computer-coded rules suggesting how certain character types derived from Ms. Susann's works might plausibly interact. It took Mr. French and his Mac eight years to finish the tale -- he reckoned he could have done it by himself in one.

Intel Movidius Intel Newsroom


Movidius, an Intel company, is transforming the future of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate innovation for the next generation of smart and connected devices. By delivering low-power, high-performance SoC platforms for accelerating perceptual computing, Movidius is at the forefront of a new era of computing that enables new levels of intelligence for drones, robots, cameras, virtual and augmented reality, and other devices at the edge.

PhotoDirector 10 released with AI styles, new layer features, and tethered shooting


CyberLink has released PhotoDirector 10, the newest version of its PhotoDirector image editing and design software. The latest installment brings a number of new features, including tethered shooting and an AI Style Engine. CyberLink has also made a number of improvements to layer editing. PhotoDirector 10 brings users workflow improvements, according to CyberLink, that are designed for "advanced photographers." The inclusion of tethered shooting enables users to directly connect a camera to their PC, shoot images, and instantly preview them on the computer.

Amazon and SiriusXM team up to offer free service and Echo Dots


Amazon and SiriumXM have partnered up to bring together streaming radio and the Amazon Echo. Echo owners can enjoy a three-month trial of SiriusXM for free. And anyone who signs up for a new SiriusXM All Access or SiriusXM Premier subscription will get an Echo Dot for free. Current customers who upgrade from SiriusXM Select to Sirius XM All Access will also receive an Echo Dot for free. While SiriusXM satellite radio is popular in cars, this partnership with Amazon will help bring the service into more homes.

Thermal (Infrared) Drones Explained


Thermal Imaging sensors are commonly referred to terminology such as thermal camera, temperature camera, heat vision camera, infrared camera, thermal imaging sensor, heat signature camera, and even thermal heat vision sensor. In this post we will refer to this type of imaging as infrared or thermal imaging. Infrared energy is generated by the vibration of atoms and molecules. The higher the temperature of an object, the faster its molecules and atoms move. This movement is emitted as infrared radiation which our eyes cannot see but our skin can feel. Thermal imaging is the use of a special infrared camera sensors to illuminate a spectrum of light invisible to the naked eye.

Watch Out Workers, Algorithms Are Coming to Replace You -- Maybe


Have the Chinese been able to weaponize A.I. yet? Everyone is weaponizing A.I. Some countries are building autonomous weapons systems based on A.I., while others are focused on disinformation or propaganda or bots. It takes different forms in different countries. In Israel, for instance, we have one of the largest laboratories for A.I. surveillances in the world -- it's called the Occupied Territories. In fact, one of the reasons Israel is such a leader in A.I. surveillance is because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Intelligent Parachute Systems Can Save Drones That Fall From the Sky Digital Trends


Drone technology has advanced markedly in the last few years, with improved stability and handling making them easier than ever to fly. But whether through mechanical malfunction or sheer pilot incompetence, there will always be occasions when we're left watching helplessly as our crippled quadcopter plummets from the sky as if it was never meant to be up there in the first place. One solution is to stick a parachute on the drone that automatically activates when it detects problems. Such a system would not only save the drone from breaking into multiple pieces when it hits terra firma, but also reduce the risk of injury if the machine lands on someone's head on the way down. Among a growing number of such offerings is one from Austria-based Drone Rescue, which has been working on incorporating parachutes into drones for a while now.

Machine Learning Embeds Harrison Ford Into Disney's 'Solo' Star Wars Movie - ExtremeTech


Derpfakes uses the same tools from the controversial porn to make experimental face-swapped movie and TV footage. The account has posted videos from Toy Story, Star Trek, and The Room. Star Wars is also a favorite target because of the recent use of questionable CGI characters to stand-in for aged and deceased actors. The latest post tackles Solo, replacing star Alden Ehrenreich with a young Harrison Ford. The results aren't perfect, but it's impressive for something done with essentially no budget.

Narrative Science Employs Natural Language Generation - Nanalyze


If you've spent much time on Nanalyze, you know that we're passionate about technology and believe that we're living in the most exciting times in history. Our job is to keep you up-to-date about these changes in a variety of fields, so you can make informed financial decisions about where to invest or not--and learn some pretty cool stuff along the way. We talk about the good, the bad and ugly no matter what. Then we came across Narrative Science and its natural language generation (NLG) platform Quill, which uses artificial intelligence technology to write everything from financial reports to sports news. We knew that English degree would be obsolete someday.