Urgent Explanation: Robots in 5 years


This Is An extract in English of Pierre Pinna's Interview on CNN Turkey. IPFC Online Founder and CEO Pierre Pinna, one of the world-renowned names in artificial intelligence and digital transformation issues that brings together entrepreneurial companies in Turkey, national and international investors, participated at the T-Bootcamp event in Izmir, explaining the future. One of the most important meeting points of entrepreneurs and investors, the T-Bootcamp event, which emphasizes the innovation efforts in Turkey, was organized at the Selçuk Yaşar Campus in Izmir with the cooperation of Yaşar University Minerva Incubation Center and technology platform creation agency WBCONS-HD. Among the leading names in the world of artificial intelligence and digital convergence, IPFC Online Founder and CEO Pierre Pinna, Fintech and Blockchain applications that are rapidly expanding include Inclusivity Network Founder Antonio Javier Ruiz, Peak State Consulting Director Anuj Khanna, Technology and Human College Founder Zeynep Dereli and entrepreneurs from Izmir and Istanbul participated as speakers. Entrepreneurs brought in prominent projects.

Maritz Motivation Solutions and HSBC Innovate with Artificial Intelligence in the Loyalty Sector


"This use of AI with HSBC's card program is one of the first in the loyalty sector and demonstrates that artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future of business," said Jesse Wolfersberger, senior director, decision sciences, Maritz Motivation Solutions. "We're going to witness more companies using AI to engage people in new and innovative ways. We are proud to have a proprietary AI system that makes loyalty programs smarter and more efficient and can result in significant operational cost savings for businesses." Maritz's AI algorithm, also known as machine learning, predicts the rewards a loyalty program member is likely to redeem over the next year. The AI then suggests a redemption category to promote to each member and calculates the percentage of clients likely to redeem in different categories.

Lessons from Game of Thrones: Stopping the White Walkers of Data Monetization @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #BigData


As we end 2017, I'm tired of writing "lecturing" blogs about what organizations should be doing to master data monetization in order to power their business models and achieve digital transformation. While the objective of every organization should be to master big data and data science (artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning) to drive "data monetization," let's take a breath and have some fun. My recent ankle surgery afforded me the opportunity to binge watch "Game of Thrones." As I watched the impending battle between the White Walkers and humanity, I couldn't help but identify a number of lessons that we can learn from Jon Snow's battle with the leader of the White Walkers…and the power of Valyrian steel! Game of Thrones and data, not exactly two things you think are in harmony, but this is where I find myself.

Global AI Market in Agriculture 2013-2018 & 2023 - Increasing Number of IOT Device Installation in Agriculture & Decreasing Price of Sensors


Drivers High penetration of IOT in agriculture industry Increasing number of IOT device installation in agriculture Decreasing price of sensors Increase in adoption of cattle facial recognition Impact analysis of drivers on market forecast 4.3.3

Human Solutions – Graph Grail AI – Medium


Developers have long been bereft of a platform that would have allowed them to monetize on their developments. Large corporations are unwilling to buy solutions from smaller enterprises or from private developers, preferring to hire staff and appropriate patents and solutions, selling them at much higher prices to businesses after limited tuning and adjustment to fit their business strategies. The fact that independent and small-scale developers have limited opportunities of presenting their AI and software solutions is hampering the growth of the industry and is limiting the capabilities that businesses would have had under the circumstances of fair and free competition. GraphGrail Ai has come up with a solution to the issue through the development of its proprietary platform that allows independent specialists to develop solutions and monetize them through the use of GraphGrail GAI Tokens. The GAI Tokens allow for transparent and fair payment for results and ensure that both the developer and the business profit from mutual cooperation.

National Bank Joins Forces With CDL-Montreal


"As the Institut d'entrepreneuriat Banque Nationale–HEC Montréal's early partner, it was natural for us to extend our support to CDL-Montreal, which brings together new businesses at the cutting edge of technology and artificial intelligence. Supported by a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and angel investors, these businesses will be in an exceptional development environment that promotes all types of innovation," says Louis Vachon, President and CEO of National Bank. "And supporting new tech companies like this provides abundant rewards in terms of knowledge development and social and economic vitality."



DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized AI computing platform - DBC is the utility token for transactions on the platform.

Five ways Artificial Intelligence could power content marketing


Last week I went to an event hosted by StoryStream, which bills itself as as a'next generation content marketing platform for brands.' To help launch its new Aura platform, more on which in a moment, the company assembled a trio of AI experts to discuss how the technology might impact on marketing in the coming years.

Moody's: AI applications still distant


As artificial intelligence (AI) technology goes mainstream, its potential to reshape sectors remains years away, says Moody's Investors Service.