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"Louisiana Prisoners Forced to Pollute for Pennies: Task Force to Investigate" – Artil News – Fake News Designed by Artificial Intelligence


A recent study conducted by the Department of Natural Resources has uncovered a startling link between forced prison labor in Louisiana and chemical pollution. According to the report, prison inmates are being used as a source of cheap labor to help companies produce pollutants that are then released into the environment. The report states that prisoners are being paid as little as $0.03 an hour to work in factories and refineries that produce hazardous materials. This is far below the minimum wage, and the prisoners are often not provided with the appropriate safety gear to protect themselves from the harmful chemicals. The study also found that the companies are not disposing of the hazardous waste properly, leading to contamination of water sources and air pollution.

New Orleans reverses facial recognition ban amid surging crime

FOX News

Fox News contributor and New Orleans resident Raymond Arroyo discusses the ongoing crime crisis as New Orleans' murder rate climbs to one of the highest in the world on'Fox & Friends Weekend.' New Orleans city leaders approved a measure Thursday to reinstate the use of facial recognition software as an investigative tool, despite the technology raising privacy concerns, as crime continues to plague the city. The City Council passed a resolution in a 4-2 vote to use the controversial software technology, which is used in tandem with the Real Time Crime Center, a network of more than 500 cameras across the city, WDSU-TV reported. Speaking in support of the technology, police officials pointed to a policy of how facial recognition can be used with measures ensuring accuracy and rules to make sure it is not used as probable cause, reported. In a statement, the New Orleans Police Department thanked the council for passing the ordinance. Police vehicles block access to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Best college commencement advice for new graduates

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on In the coming weeks, students around the nation will hear their names read aloud, walk across a platform and move their tassels to signify graduation from high school or college. After years of working toward receiving their diploma or degree, they are now off to start a new adventure in their lives. And, for others, there may be the apprehension of not knowing what is next. As a college president, here are five pieces of advice I have for graduating seniors.

Can Computers Learn Common Sense?

The New Yorker

A few years ago, a computer scientist named Yejin Choi gave a presentation at an artificial-intelligence conference in New Orleans. On a screen, she projected a frame from a newscast where two anchors appeared before the headline "CHEESEBURGER STABBING." Choi explained that human beings find it easy to discern the outlines of the story from those two words alone. Had someone stabbed a cheeseburger? Had a cheeseburger been used to stab a person?

Anthony Mackie is reportedly launching his own movie studio in New Orleans


Anthony Mackie is putting his money where his hometown is. The New Orleans-born actor who now wears the mantle of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe closed a deal on Friday to purchase 20 acres of land in New Orleans East. It's believed that the location will be the home of East Studios LLC, a Mackie-led film studio, as multiple sources told the local news outlet Any specifics beyond that are unknown at this point, though Mackie has leveraged his Marvel success in recent years to take a more high-profile role on the projects to which he's connected. He was credited as the executive producer on the 2019 science fiction film Io, and he's listed as a producer on two more recent streaming projects -- The Banker on Apple TV and Outside the Wire on Netflix.

Could artificial intelligence help predict Louisiana floods better? This LSU prof thinks so …


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, LSU professor Hartmut Kaiser is joining up with a team of scientists to help communities near …

Stephen Schaefer's Hollywood & Mine

Boston Herald

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,' now streaming on Disney, marks a new direction for Marvel – a downsizing to television after 2 decades of big-screen superhero splendor. Marvel's top gun Kevin Feige, stars Anthony Mackie/Falcon and Sebastian Stan/Winter Soldier, and others gathered for a virtual press conference and discussed current and maybe upcoming developments. Q: Is there a possibility that there could be more seasons of'Falcon'? KEVIN FEIGE: It's a funny question and it's one that we obviously get asked much more in television. Because people expect it to be like what people know before.

Managing unstructured data is crucial to enterprises' AI goals


For CenturyLink, customer surveys play an important role in understanding the customer experience. But, in the past, without the ability to analyze the unstructured data in these surveys, customer service teams couldn't drill down to identify the nature and characteristics of issues. "Using unstructured data is really important for us because that's where the real detail -- the meat -- comes in," said Beth Ard, vice president of customer experience at the Louisiana-based network services provider. "When you do scoring, for example, you don't have enough actionable insight to make the changes that you need without it." Most business analytics processes require clean and well-structured data, but enterprises are increasingly managing unstructured data formats -- emails, chat transcripts, audio and video, and social media posts.

Top 50 Statistics Blogs of 2019


Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the interpretation of data. Statisticians work in a wide variety of fields in both the private and the public sectors and can be found anywhere - Nevada, Washington, New Hampshire, Louisiana. They are teachers, consultants, watchdogs, journalists, designers, programmers, and by in large, ordinary people like you and me. In searching for the top statistics blogs on the web we only considered recently active blogs. In deciding which ones to include in our (admittedly unscientific) list of the 50 best statistics blogs we considered a range of factors, including visual appeal/aesthetics, frequency of posts, and accessibility to non-specialists.