These 'Star Wars' robot vacuums are out of this world


In honor of Samsung's new Stormtrooper and Darth Vader robot vacuums, we're geeking out about all things Star Wars and getting pumped for The Last Jedi. Watch now and buy your vacuum here. Christina Aguilera pays tribute to Whitney Houston with'I Will Always Love You'

Samsung's new robot vacuums banish Darth Vader to cleaning duty


If you've lamented the lack of Star Wars-themed home cleaning appliances, then Samsung has just the robot vacuums for you. There are two different designs: Darth Vader retails for $799, while his Stormtrooper counterpart retails for $699. A sensor ensures that the robot vacuum will clean around personal items as small as 10 mm. But hey, if you're a Star Wars fan who's in the market for a robot vacuum, why wouldn't you want Darth Vader cleaning your carpet?