Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Grew Over 60% in the Last Year


CHICAGO, Jan. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Narrative Science, the leader in Advanced Natural Language Generation (Advanced NLG) for the enterprise, today announced the availability of its third annual research report, "Outlook on Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise 2018." In partnership with the National Business Research Institute (NBRI), Narrative Science surveyed business executives from a wide array of functions, including business intelligence, finance, and product management, to understand the use, value, and impact of AI throughout their businesses. Narrative Science's analysis of the data revealed key findings, including the compelling discovery that almost two-thirds of enterprises utilized AI in 2017.

China's news agency is reinventing itself with AI


On the heels of billions of yuan of investment burrowed into China's artificial intelligence scene, China's state news agency has announced that it is rebuilding its newsroom to emphasize human-machine collaboration. There are already elements of this in quite a few newsrooms but this is the first announcement (I've seen) of a large news org rearranging itself around AI…. Xinhua News Agency president Cai Mingzhao said Xinhua will build a "new kind of newsroom based on information technology and featuring human-machine collaboration." The agency has also introduced the "Media Brain" platform to integrate cloud computing, the Internet of Things, AI and more into news production, with potential applications "from finding leads, to news gathering, editing, distribution and finally feedback analysis." The agency's announcement was sparse on details, but it's the latest component of a deep push into AI by China.

Retail AI Leader Rubikloud Raises $37M in Series B Funding Led By Intel Capital


"Rubikloud is planning greater global expansion as traditional retailers realize what's at stake if they don't integrate AI now," said Kerry Liu, CEO of Rubikloud. "The holiday season has the potential to make or break retailers' yearly revenue, leaving no margin of error for inventory stock-outs or disappointed loyal customers. But as the stakes rise, legacy tech providers are falling short in developing retail AI core-applications." The Rubikloud platform enables automated OLAP data integration with legacy retail applications and data warehouses. This automated integration into a cloud-native environment allows Rubikloud to instantly deploy AI applications that impact a retailer's bottom line.

The following are news releases from AAAI PO, held July 30-August 3, in Boston

AI Magazine

The following are news releases from AAAI PO, held July 30 -August 3, in Boston. In the opening plenary session at the American Association for Artificial Intelligence Conference in Boston this week, Dr. Daniel G. Bobrow, of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and President of AAAI, challenged the audience to move towards a far more "interactive view - between agents, people and technologies. Our real challenge," he said, "is not just to build intelligent systems, but to help corporations and government build intelligent organizations. We need to help people expand their viewpoints and improve their capabilities by distributing knowledge. AI should play a key role in systems that enhance the human values of the world we live in."

African Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market, 2016


This study provides an analysis of the African Artificial Intelligence (AI) market. The stakeholder scope includes international technology corporations and African start-ups; technology scope includes computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks, predictive analytics, and robotics; and the end-user scope includes a number of industries such as banking and financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, manufacturing, mining, hospitality and media, amongst others. This study details the key components of an AI ecosystem and explains how AI converges with technologies such as analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It provides a snapshot of global AI trends in terms of key investments, strategy and competition, and also lists the acquisition-led strategies adopted by leading technology corporations including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Salesforce and IBM. This study provides an analysis of the African AI market, including the competitive landscape and the extent of AI market development across key African countries, along with the impact potential and extent of market penetration of various AI technologies and the degree of AI adoption across key industry verticals.

Artificial intelligence: 7 Common Mistakes Even Experienced Tech Execs May Make


Right now, artificial intelligence is used to make snap trading decisions in response to news reports. It could write this press release. Companies are rushing to integrate AI into products and services. In the rush, it is likely many companies – especially entrepreneurial companies - will make costly mistakes. According to Tal, "As executives become enamored and anxious about adopting AI technology, there is an increased chance for making a technology bet that can consume the assets of a company.

CB Insights Names CognitiveScale to AI 100 for Second Consecutive Year


CognitiveScale's unique augmented intelligence software and industry-specific AI for financial services, healthcare, and digital commerce markets earned the company recognition in the Cross-Industry category. "This year's list was culled from 1000 applications and looks even more impressive," said Anand Sanwal, CEO, CB Insights. "These are companies using artificial intelligence in industries from drug discovery and cybersecurity to robotics and legal tech. I'm happy that CB Insights is able to shine a light on the founders and companies that will revolutionize these industries and look forward to seeing what they do in 2018 and beyond." "While most artificial intelligence approaches focus on replacing humans, our mission at CognitiveScale is to deliver breakthrough business outcomes by the pairing of people and machines," said Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO, CognitiveScale.

DXC Technology Unveils 2018 IT Trends That Will Shape Digital Transformation


TYSONS, Va., December 12, 2017 – DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), the world's leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, today unveiled key trends that will shape enterprise technology in 2018. The six technology trends will be critical guideposts to drive enterprise disruption, agility and productivity. "For global enterprises to lead in the new digital world, 2018 is decision time for transformation planning, preparedness and execution," said Dan Hushon, senior vice president and chief technology officer, DXC Technology. "It's a transition year for most companies as they commit to their digital strategy and begin to execute more broadly. The technology and platforms are much more robust, and DXC brings its global capabilities and experience with scale to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journeys."

Iridescent Partners with Google to Support Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge, Aimed at Engaging Students and Families in Learning & Applying Artificial Intelligence Technologies


Through this challenge Iridescent aims to demystify artificial intelligence through hands-on design challenges and family engagement events across the country. Google will support these events with volunteers and mentors using everyday materials – like rubber bands, paper cups and batteries – to teach underserved families about engineering and computational thinking. "Over the next few years, artificial intelligence will change our economy and the way we work. It's vital that we train parents and their children to adopt a new mindset - one of lifelong learning," said Tara Chklovski, CEO and Founder, Iridescent. "We are excited to be working with Google – one of the leading experts on artificial intelligence – to help underserved families and communities engage with the most cutting-edge innovations."

LG Electronics Launches 'ThinQ' For Its AI Initiatives


LG first laid the foundation for its AI efforts at CES 2017 when it announced DeepThinQ followed by the initiative to include Wi-Fi in its entire line of premium appliances launched this year. Advancing the company's innovations in AI, LG opened the Artificial Intelligence Lab in Seoul in June under company's CTO to tie together all its diverse AI research in technologies that recognize, deduce and learn from voice, video and sensors. LG's AI Lab has contributed to the development of the world's first space-learning air conditioner as well as intelligent refrigerators, washing machines and robot vacuum cleaners. "Our new ThinQ platform for LG's intelligent products is the latest way that LG is delivering innovations that make consumers' lives easier and more enjoyable," said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA. "LG ThinQ enables deep learning technology and connectivity across household products, delivering even greater capabilities and convenience." In the United States, LG already offers the most extensive range of Wi-Fi enabled appliances available* today featuring its LG SmartThinQ Wi-Fi connectivity.