Artificial intelligence is everywhere, watching almost all modern-day human behaviors


One of the problems in demystifying artificial intelligence is that once an AI-based product reaches the public, "we stop calling it AI," said Tara Chklovski, the CEO and founder of Iridescent, a nonprofit that aims to educate and empower children and their parents on engineering and technology matters. Instead, she went on, "we call it GPS." This is true. And it's a significant truth because it means the world of AI stays mired in the average person's mind as something of a science fiction-type character -- a Terminator programmed to kill, a Matrix hero designed to liberate, a Star Wars robot set to serve. But AI is not one and the same as a robot. Simply put, AI is everywhere. And people ought to know. The average person ought to be aware. In a sense, AI is watching and recording almost all modern day human behaviors. Ever wonder where all those recommendations come from when you buy a book on Amazon or watch a movie online? That's AI at work, taking note of your selections and ...

Moneyball for movies: Data science and AI in Hollywood


Data science and related disciplines, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, have become table stakes in almost all areas of software. From marketing to customer service and beyond, data and analytics are changing existing enterprise processes and enabling new ones. Data science vs t...

On Earnings Calls, Big Data Is Out. Execs Have AI On The Brain.


Judging by our analysis of earnings call transcripts, there's only one hyped mega-trend out there that corporate execs are worried about and that's AI. Big data's time in the corporate consciousness is ending. If you weren't already sure, we've now moved past peak big data. After hitting a high in ...

How Spotify Uses Big Data and AI to Pick Your Next Song NYCDA Blog


Yesterday I attended Spotify's Big Data & Machine Learning panel at Galvanize in NYC. Going in I had a few select questions, mainly why my #1 song on my 2016 Year in Review was "Venus" by Lady Gaga, despite all the times I set it to Private Mode for my ritualistic guilty pleasure listening sessions...

7 Must Watch Documentaries on Statistics and Machine Learning


"Soon, our habitat will be invaded by unreal humans. Not only they'll influence our way of living, but also intervene in our modus operandi." I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Last week I released a list of must watch movies on Machine Learning and Data Science. I've watched 8 of them till ... - #AI Stock News: Industry Experts Join 8x8 (NYSE: $EGHT) to Accelerate AI and Machine Learning Capabilities


SAN JOSE, Calif. - February 6, 2018 ( Newswire) 8x8, Inc. (NYSE:EGHT), a leading provider of global cloud communications and customer engagement solutions, today announced key appointments to accelerate the company's Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities, an...

RapidMiner reinvents automated machine learning to accelerate data science


"Automated machine learning promised data scientists a better, faster way to build models, but the reality never matched the hype," said Dr. Ingo Mierswa, founder and president of RapidMiner. "Today that changes with the release of RapidMiner Auto Model. When I looked closely at automated machine le...

Prof Virginia Dignum On Moral Decisions by Autonomous Systems


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Unsupervised Machine Learning: The Path to Industry 4.0 for the Coal Industry


Artificial intelligence and machine learning aren't just fictional pieces of futuristic Hollywood movies. Power plants can deploy these innovative technologies today to more accurately predict the condition of assets and schedule appropriate maintenance to correct equipment problems before failure. Although the new administration in Washington has reversed the "war on coal," long-term trends in the U.S. are not promising. Most coal-fired capacity was built between 1950 and 1990, and the average coal plant is about 42 years old. With plant retirements expected to continue in 2018 and beyond, investment in new plants has come to a standstill.

How Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics are being used to extract new ideas, weave a …


The answers are available now, thanks to technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics (AA). Armed with the new technologies, businesses are moving from Descriptive to Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.