Amazon Prepares To Launch Cheaper Music Streaming Service


Amazon launched a new music streaming service today into an already crowded field. SYDELL: To make this work, Amazon's Steve Boom says the company has been collecting data from millions of Alexa users about how they talk to it about music, and they've been programming Alexa to respond. SYDELL: Responding in a way that caters more to the way humans actually speak is a great way to open people up to the vastly expanding universe of artificial intelligence, says James McQuivey, an analyst with Forrester Research. Still, that's less than the leading standalone streaming service Spotify.



Sonos today announced an integration that's just shy of wonderful, but still pretty fun: You'll soon be able to control everyone's favorite connected speakers from the comfort of your Amazon Echo. Today, Sonos announced two new ways to control its system via third-party wares. First, you'll soon be able to fire up Spotify, select your Sonos in the devices menu, and control the speakers directly from the app. That trick is not quite available yet, but it's coming as a free Echo device update in 2017.