The Data Science Process With Azure Machine Learning


It's no secret today that all our applications and devices are generating tons of data; thus making data analytics a very hot topic. Microsoft Azure has all the tools necessary to ingest, manage, and process all this data, which is also known as Big Data. However, all this data in and of itself is not useful unless processed, interpreted, and visualized correctly. Another power behind the data acquired through the years is to make Predictive Analytics, that is, using the data to make forecasts and predictions. But, by only using the data gathered, it is difficult to make an analysis.

"I Am AI" docuseries spotlights innovators' groundbreaking achievements NVIDIA Blog


Medical devices that monitor and respond to changes in our health. Robotic assistants that know what we want before we do. Kitchens that help us with our shopping and plan our meals. Every day, we hear about how artificial intelligence is going to change the world. Amid all this focus on the future, it's easy to ignore an unavoidable truth: AI is already changing the world in significant ways.

Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 #AAI18


BootstrapLabs is pleased to announce that its annual Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference will return for the third year on April 12, 2018 in San Francisco. The one day conference brings together the brightest and most experienced professionals in the field of AI for an immersive day of learning, discussion, and connection. This year's agenda will focus on the latest and future impact of AI applications and commercialization across a breadth of sectors, including Transportation, Healthcare, Finance, Future of Work and Cybersecurity. Inviting world class perspectives from research, entrepreneurship, investing, and business transformation, the event aims to capture the deepest insights available in the AI landscape today. You'll have access to practical wisdom and methodologies on how to take advantage of AI's powerful potential.

2018 Machine Learning Predictions from the Experts Themselves


Our vast experience with planning data science conferences across a multitude of industries has enabled us to host, listen and learn valuable insights into the industry's most ambitious goals and research advancements. As the data science community heads towards 2018, we asked our top speakers to comment on 2017's most impactful achievements in Artificial Intelligence and make a few predictions for 2018. We summarize the most notable insights in this post, and offer expert commentary on the advancements, predictions and lessons learned regarding machine learning algorithms and deep learning systems. Daniel Monistere, SVP-Client Solutions at Nielsen points out the technology advancement electronic devices have met and the increase in their storage and data gathering capabilities. Also, applications have become intelligent being able to collect user data. raises $40 million to democratize data science


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two phrases that are thrown around a lot in the tech world these days. It has gotten the point where every company has to say they're an AI company, even if they really don't have AI capabilities, just to be taken seriously. The problem is that the best data scientists all want to work for the same few companies: Google, Facebook or Apple. So what are the smaller companies to do? That's the problem that is solving.

NFL bets on AWS for machine learning


The National Football League will use Amazon Web Services as its standard machine learning and analytics provider to boost the performance of the league's player statistics platform. The announcement is just the latest customer win AWS has touted at its re:Invent conference this week, following similar cloud deals with Time Warner and Intuit. AWS also announced new cloud deals with the the Walt Disney Company and Expedia on Wednesday. Amazon said the NFL will use AWS' machine learning and data analytics services to improve the statistical capabilities and performance of the league's Next Gen Stats platform, which basically tags up players and tracks new stats like speed, rushes and passes. AWS will also become an "Official Technology Provider" of the NFL.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained worldwide exposure over the years through Hollywood, including the recent blockbuster movies such as Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2049. While androids like those depicted in the movies are nothing but science fiction at this point in time, we are seeing the increasingly advanced application of AI incorporate mainstream computing. In this post, we examine how website development is benefiting from artificial intelligence (AI), as well as some unique integration challenges. Modern mainstream website development has focused on the building of a customer-facing front-end presence on the Internet and the integration of the front-end with enterprise back-office operations. Drupal is an industry-leading open-sourced platform for building such enterprise websites.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become a driving force in retail, with Forrester Research predicting earlier this year that investments into AI would triple before 2018. These trends in consumer marketing have primed the pump for widespread use of AI and insight-based marketing in B2B relationships. In fact, recent studies of business buyers show that almost two-thirds of them fully expect AI to anticipate their needs in the near future. One of the most recognizable examples of B2C AI-driven marketing is preemptive marketing, which includes things like the movies Netflix recommends to you based on your viewing history and ratings, and the products companies like Amazon suggest based on your past purchases. Another example most people are familiar with is targeted advertising.

Is AI a dude or a dudette?


Sure, Facebook has "M", Google has "Google Now", and Siri's voice isn't always that of a woman. But it does feel worth noting that (typically male-dominated) engineering groups routinely give women's names to the things you issue commands to. Is artificial intelligence work about Adams making Eves? The response to this critique is usually about the voices people trust and find easy to understand. Adrienne LaFrance over at The Atlantic does a good job discussing those points, so go read her article.

Artificial Intelligence, Ethically Speaking - DZone AI


Many readers will recognize that line from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film in which the onboard computer, HAL 9000, perceives an astronaut to be a threat to its "existence" and refuses to open the airlock to allow the crew member back into the ship. Other films like Ex-Machina, i-Robot, Terminator sow similar fears of Artificial Intelligence systems with cognitive capabilities taking control from humans, rendering us defenseless. Of course, there are also films that focus on the positive aspects of AI, such as Bicentennial Man. My view is that AI systems are increasingly necessary to augment what we do in our everyday lives -- whether that means... Partly because there is so much misinformation and hype -- and some people just like to sell fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). And it's true that there will always be people who seek to exploit technology to do bad things -- the dark side vs. the light side (Star Wars fans).