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Saints' Michael Burton active for game against Lions after false positive COVID-19 test

FOX News

New Orleans Saints' fullback Michael Burton will be active for Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions just one day after receiving a false positive COVID-19 test result. Burton tested positive on Saturday night signaling trouble for the league already dealing with an outbreak and several other isolated cases among teams but a re-test on Sunday morning turned back a negative test result, The Athletic reported. Burton and other Saints players also underwent rapid testing which all came back negative giving them a green light to carry on with the Lions game as scheduled. The NFL has been forced to postpone two games and adjust team schedules after the Tennessee Titans had around 20 people - 10 players and 10 personnel - test positive this past week. The Titans-Pittsburgh Steelers game, originally scheduled for Sunday, was postponed until Oct. 25 -- during Tennessee's bye.

DeepMind and Google recreate former NFL linebacker Tim Shaw's voice using AI


In August, Google AI researchers working with the ALS Therapy Development Institute shared details about Project Euphonia, a speech-to-text transcription service for people with speaking impairments. They showed that, using data sets of audio from both native and non-native English speakers with neurodegenerative diseases and techniques from Parrotron, an AI tool for people with impediments, they could drastically improve the quality of speech synthesis and generation. Recently, in something of a case study, Google researchers and a team from Alphabet's DeepMind employed Euphonia in an effort to recreate the original voice of Tim Shaw, a former NFL football linebacker who played for the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, and Tennessee Titans before retiring in 2013. Roughly six years ago, Shaw was diagnosed with ALS, which requires him to use a wheelchair and left him unable to speak, swallow, or breathe without assistance. Over the course of six months, the joint research team adapted a generative AI model -- WaveNet -- to the task of synthesizing speech from samples of Shaw's voice prior to his ALS diagnoses.

DxNAT - Deep Neural Networks for Explaining Non-Recurring Traffic Congestion Machine Learning

Non-recurring traffic congestion is caused by temporary disruptions, such as accidents, sports games, adverse weather, etc. We use data related to real-time traffic speed, jam factors (a traffic congestion indicator), and events collected over a year from Nashville, TN to train a multi-layered deep neural network. The traffic dataset contains over 900 million data records. The network is thereafter used to classify the real-time data and identify anomalous operations. Compared with traditional approaches of using statistical or machine learning techniques, our model reaches an accuracy of 98.73 percent when identifying traffic congestion caused by football games. Our approach first encodes the traffic across a region as a scaled image. After that the image data from different timestamps is fused with event- and time-related data. Then a crossover operator is used as a data augmentation method to generate training datasets with more balanced classes. Finally, we use the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis to tune the sensitivity of the classifier. We present the analysis of the training time and the inference time separately.

Rob Gronkowski featured on cover of Madden 17 video game

Los Angeles Times

The Madden 17 video game cover will feature New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in all his spiking glory. The rough-and-tumble Gronkowski, known as much for his partying ways off the field as his touchdown-making ways on it, received word Thursday evening when it was announced on ESPN's "SportsCenter" show. Gronkowski, 27, becomes the first Patriots player as well as first tight end to make the cover. The popular video game, which debuted in 1988, featured legendary Raiders Coach John Madden on the cover until 2001, when Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George appeared on it. Among the players to appear on the cover were New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. last year, retired Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders in 2014, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre in 2009 and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis in 2004.