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CNN Adversarial Robustness


Below the great illustration from the paper "Towards deep learning models resistant to adversarial attacks" is shown. Here red stars are such pixel vicinities of training samples that after applying the initial separating hyperplane (here -- just black line) they occurred to lie in the region of the neighbor (so, wrong) class.

'Sackboy: A Big Adventure' ditches create mode for a new direction

Washington Post - Technology News

Sackboy has a new move set, too: he can jump, roll, dive and "flutter jump," which lets him run in mid-air briefly to reach far away platforms. He can also pick things up and throw them. In local and online co-op, which can be played with up to four players, you can pick your friends up and toss them around, as well as slap them, which brings a silly, "mischievous" feel that's right at home in LittleBigPlanet.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft makes historic touchdown on asteroid Bennu

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft made its historic touchdown on asteroid Bennu Tuesday, retrieving a sample from the space rock that will be returned to Earth. OSIRIS-REx reached the surface of Bennu at 6:11 p.m. EDT in a mission that NASA says will help unlock the secrets of the solar system. The "tag" or sample collection, was complete at 6:11 p.m. EDT and the spacecraft left the asteroid's surface.

[D] Neural networks from scratch in numpy?


Was wondering if any of you have done this. But I have heard of people building neural networks from the ground up in numpy? Apparently this is advantageous in that it's more math based and u get the fundamentals down of forward pass/backward pass and the math concepts behind it? Have any of you done this and what are your thoughts?

Episode #41: Brand Management, How You Should Use AI with the Beard, Curphy Smith by #BIZ with the Beard • A podcast on Anchor


Nov 1st, 2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of the death of the greatest football player of all time, #34, Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears. The #BIZ with Beard & Bald Podcast was blessed to spend time with Walter's son, Jarrett Payton, this week to discuss his dad as a player, father, friend, and the impact he had on the world. Jarrett shares with us the motivational wisdom of his father, living with the Payton name, being there for his dad at the end of his life, and what it meant to induct his dad into the NFL Hall of Fame. Jarret reveals Walter's true feelings about not getting the ball to score in the Super Bowl, his impact on racial boundaries, who is the GOAT, and some touching and private moments that have never been shared before. Jarrett discusses his own success and journey and how his father's encouragement and guidance, even in death, have helped mold him into the successful entrepreneur, father, husband, and man he is today.

Jackson State becomes first HBCU to use AI in recruiting


Jackson State, who hired Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders as its 21st head coach last week, will be the first HBCU football program to harness the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and advanced performance data to identify and objectively evaluate prospects to recruit, via RA's patent-pending platform. JSU Vice President and Director of Athletics Ashley Robinson is excited to bring data analytics to the Tigers' football program. "We are taking a data-driven approach to our recruiting efforts to help increase our hit rate, while becoming more efficient with the help of Recruiting Analytics," said Robinson. RA Co-Founder and CEO Cory Yates is honored to support Sanders and his coaching staff. "Our platform will help JSU find recruits that fit 10 times faster, verify game speed, find recruits with NFL talent, and gain insights into prospects' personality."

Saints' Michael Burton active for game against Lions after false positive COVID-19 test

FOX News

New Orleans Saints' fullback Michael Burton will be active for Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions just one day after receiving a false positive COVID-19 test result. Burton tested positive on Saturday night signaling trouble for the league already dealing with an outbreak and several other isolated cases among teams but a re-test on Sunday morning turned back a negative test result, The Athletic reported. Burton and other Saints players also underwent rapid testing which all came back negative giving them a green light to carry on with the Lions game as scheduled. The NFL has been forced to postpone two games and adjust team schedules after the Tennessee Titans had around 20 people - 10 players and 10 personnel - test positive this past week. The Titans-Pittsburgh Steelers game, originally scheduled for Sunday, was postponed until Oct. 25 -- during Tennessee's bye.

NFL teams are using drones and robots to limit virus spread


Despite a recent COVID-19 outbreak in the NFL that resulted in cancelled games, some teams are planning to welcome back fans over the next few weeks. The Atlanta Falcons are one of those, and to reduce the risks, Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS) will be among the first sports venues to sanitize key areas using drones (via CNN). MBS will use Lucid Drone Technologies' D1 disinfecting drones to disinfect the seating bowl, handrails, and glass partitions at the stadium. "This stadium is incredibly large and as we begin to slowly welcome fans back, these drones allow us to maximize the time between games and private events to thoroughly sanitize," said building operations manager Jackie Poulakos. The use of drones reduces seating bowl cleaning times by 95 percent and is 14 times more efficient than regular backpack foggers, according to MBS.

How AI is changing sports


The use of technology and statistics in the sports industry is nothing new. In fact, for some decades now, professionals in the field have used the data generated during these activities to help athletes perform better. However, in the last several years, there was a revolution. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) became part of some of the main sports and sports leagues in the world, such as soccer, Formula 1, and football. The emergence of these technologies has taken the use of statistics generated through sports to a new level in the industry because they provide an almost infinite amount of information.

Question Directed Graph Attention Network for Numerical Reasoning over Text Artificial Intelligence

Although NumNet achieves superior performance than Numerical reasoning over texts, such as addition, other numerically-aware models (Hu et al., 2019a; Andor subtraction, sorting and counting, is a et al., 2019; Geva et al., 2020; Chen et al., 2020), we challenging machine reading comprehension argue that NumNet is insufficient for sophisticated numerical task, since it requires both natural language understanding reasoning, since it lacks two critical ingredients and arithmetic computation. To for numerical reasoning: address this challenge, we propose a heterogeneous 1. Number Type and Entity Mention. The number graph representation for the context of comparison graph in NumNet is not able to identify the passage and question needed for such reasoning, different number types, and lacks the information of and design a question directed graph entities mentioned in the document that connect the attention network to drive multi-step numerical number nodes.