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NFL hopefuls are adding AI video analysis to their arsenal


More than 130 football players have been training under the watchful eye of the athletic performance development company EXOS in Arizona, all in hopes of landing a first-round NFL draft pick. As it turns out, though, the eyes they've been working in front of aren't exclusively human. Intel today said that EXOS's latest batch of NFL hopefuls have been training in front of video cameras that -- with the help of the company's 3D athlete tracking system -- should give players and staff a finer sense of their "body mechanics or trouble spots." "3DAT allows athletes to understand precisely what their body is doing while in motion, so they can precisely target where to make tweaks to get faster or better," said Ashton Eaton, Intel product development engineer and two-time Olympic gold medalist. The beauty of Intel's 3DAT system is that athletes don't need to strap on cumbersome sensors, or worry about precarious placement of gear during drills. Instead, run-of-the-mill video footage is shuttled off to servers packing Intel Xeon Scalable processors loaded with the company's "Deep Learning Boost" AI acceleration capabilities.