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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to intelligence exhibited by machines. It lies at the intersection of big data, machine learning and computer programming. Computer programming contributes the necessary design and operational framework. It can make machines capable of carrying out a complex series of computations automatically. These computations can be linked to specific actions in the case robots (which are in principle programmable through computers).

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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to intelligence exhibited by machines. It lies at the intersection of big data, machine learning and robotics. Robotics contributes the necessary design, construction and operational framework. A robot can be defined as "a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer". Modern robots are often virtual algorithms performing not only physical but also cognitive tasks.

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Not long ago, Hadoop's technology was supposed to solve all the world's complex data problems. "From the time it went open source in 2007, Hadoop and its related technologies have been profound drivers of the growth of data science." While Hadoop continues to solve some thorny data problems, pundits are now asking "Is Hadoop dead?" It's a sad state of affairs when most organizations have yet to fully understand and take advantage of Hadoop but it is already seen as obsolete – things are moving awfully fast! In my eighteen years as a data professional, I've experienced many data transformations and technological advances.

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NVIDIA's (NASDAQ:NVDA) graphic cards have long been favorites among hardcore gamers, but who would've thought the chipmaker's stock would explode the way it has in recent times? The share price has more than tripled in just the past year, turning NVIDIA into a near eight-bagger in just five years. Of course, there's more to its run than just graphics processors. It's more an artificial intelligence computing company today, having made huge headway in two of the hottest technology fields of our times: AI and self-driving cars. For investors looking to find the "next NVIDIA," the trick is to find a company that is sitting on a big growth opportunity, or is already tapping into a soon-to-heat-up trend, but that is still flying under Wall Street's radar.

Don't fall for the AI hype: Here are the ingredients you need to build an actual useful thing


Artificial intelligence these days is sold as if it were a magic trick. Data is fed into a neural net – or black box – as a stream of jumbled numbers, and voilà! It comes out the other side completely transformed, like a rabbit pulled from a hat. That's possible in a lab, or even on a personal dev machine, with carefully cleaned and tuned data. However, it is takes a lot, an awful lot, of effort to scale machine-learning algorithms up to something resembling a multiuser service – something useful, in other words.

Windows 10 Creators Update: The 5 biggest changes


Microsoft just announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update will start rolling out on April 11, building upon the foundation laid by vanilla Windows 10 and its subsequent "November" and "Anniversary" updates. While not every feature that Microsoft promised at the Creators Update's reveal last fall actually made the final cut, it's still overflowing with helpful new extras that polish rough edges and just plain make things more fun. You'll need to read PCWorld's comprehensive Windows 10 Creators Update review for our hands-on impressions, or PCWorld's mammoth Creators Update roundup for nitty-grittier feature details, but here are the five biggest changes you'll encounter when it rolls out to your device. The first change you'll notice in the Windows 10 Creators Update is literally the first thing you'll see when you boot up: An improved installation process. Microsoft's taken a lot of heat for Windows 10's deeper hooks into your personal data.

Motion-tracking projector puts a laser show on moving faces


The combination of face-mapping and video projections makes for a trippy experience. The technology transforms the human face into a canvas for digital art. When a bright red lightning bolt appeared on Lady Gaga's face during her David Bowie tribute at the Grammys last year, the projection mapping technique went from niche studios to a mainstream audience. Now, the studio behind that performance has dropped a visual experiment called Inori to demonstrate the pace and precision of a new system. Nobumichi Asai, creative director of a Japanese visual studio called WOW, is a new media artist who is known for experimenting with face-mapping and video projections.

Windows 10 Creators Update review: Gaming, inking, and Edge win, while mixed reality loses


Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update offers the most significant upgrade to Windows 10 since its launch, splashing a bright, cheery coat of fun over Windows 10's productivity foundation. Microsoft announced Wednesday morning that this free upgrade will begin rolling out to existing users as soon as April 11. New users will need to pay $120 for Windows 10 Home or $200 for Windows 10 Pro--remember, Windows 10 itself is no longer free. Insiders already have the Creators Update, as the company also confirmed Wednesday, and we used the Insider build to write this review. The Creators Update adds numerous new capabilities that Windows previously lacked.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update is an OS done right


With 400 million machines now running Windows 10, it's proving to be an ascendant operating system, and the disastrous Windows 8 is barely a spec in Microsoft's rear-view mirror. Even though Windows 10 only has 19 percent of the desktop OS market, according to Net Market Share, and Windows 7 still has almost 50 percent, the momentum is clear. The Windows users who held onto Windows 95 for years, and that still cling to Windows 7 like a lifeboat in rough operating system seas, are slowly but surely migrating to what very well may be the best Windows ever. SEE ALSO: Microsoft'Windows 10 Cloud' could challenge Google's Chrome OS Those who feared the Start Button-less Windows 8 are embracing the software-as-service model of Windows 10 (and, of course, breathing a sigh of relief over the return of the Start menu). It doesn't hurt Windows 10 that Microsoft has, in recent years, paired it with some remarkable home-grown hardware: Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and the new Surface Studio.

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Artificial Intelligence is a Science that uses Technology to Create Magic 7. Contents • What is Artificial Intelligence? History of AI • A branch of Computer Science • Around for Decades • Term first created in 1956 • One of the definitive references on AI (still used today) was LAST published in 1992 • Still used as a text book at MIT 12. ALVINN learns to Drive in 1989 Computer 100 Million FLOPS (Floating-Point Operations per second) 1/10 Computing Power of the AppleWatch 13. 20161989 Reasons for AI Prominence 1. Huge Advancements inTechnology 14. Advances in Computing • Deep Blue defeatedGarry Kasparov – World Chess Champion in 1997 18. Artificial Intelligence - The Science behind the Magic • Algorithms that tell computers and other machines how to think and act intelligently • Many tools and techniques including: • Knowledge Based Expert System • Artificial Neural Network • GeneticAlgorithm • Fuzzy Logic 19. Knowledge Based Expert System (KBES) • Consist of a Knowledge Base and Inference Engine • The knowledge base is created by collecting the facts and opinions from Subject Matter Experts • The Inference Engine utilizes IF-THEN statements to provide expertise 20. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) • A machine learning approach that models the human brain and consists of a number of artificial neurons linked by weighted connections • ANNs demonstrate the ability to learn, recall, and generalize from training patterns or data (numeric, non-numeric or both).