Information Technology - #AI News: Machine Learning Startup indico Announces $4M Financing


Newswire) indico, a provider of enterprise machine learning solutions for unstructured content, today announced $4 million in new equity seed funding led by Osage Venture Partners. Ventures, Boston Seed, and Hyperplane also participated. The funding follows a $1.5 million round of convertible debt financing announced in October, and the addition of veteran CEO Tom Wilde in September. Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer big opportunities for businesses, but many organizations struggle to find practical business applications for the technology due to limited access to required skillsets, insufficient data and infrastructure, and poorly designed pre-trained offerings. Philadelphia-based Osage Venture Partners focuses on early stage, business-to-business technology companies including analytics and artificial intelligence-based startups such as Automated Insights, BAInsight, SevOne, and Sidecar.

Venture capital funding in AI doubles to US$12 billion


Artificial intelligence, particularly its applications in health, finance and the automotive sector, attracted US$12 billion of investment from venture capitalists globally last year, double the volume in 2016, according to a report by KPMG. AI pushed total venture capital (VC) investment in China to a record high of US$40 billion in 2017, up 15 per cent from the previous year. China accounted for five of the world's 10 biggest venture capital investments in the fourth quarter, the data released on Thursday shows. And more of the companies receiving the financing are electing to plough that money into AI development. Didi-Chuxing, China's top ride-hailing company, received US$4 billion in a round of fundraising led by Softbank in December, in part to enhance their AI capabilities.

The AI Powerhouse that is Transforming Scanning and Document Storage - Future Of Work


I've written in the past how adopting e-signatures--specifically Adobe Sign--was a game-changer for our businessbecause it saves time, reduces costs, and greatly boosts efficiency. It's a no-brainer that e-signatures are the way to go for businesses in the digital age, especially given the importance of documents in our everyday workflow. Just because our reliance on documents as business tools has been around for so long, doesn't mean our approach to handling them should be archaic. In fact, focusing on the customer experience starts with documents, and nobody knows that better than Adobe Document Cloud. Through an app that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Adobe Scan now allows users to convert photos of documents to versatile, editable PDFs, eliminating the need for scanners altogether and revolutionizing document storage in the process.

Dating App Requires Verbal Sexual Consent Amid #MeToo Era

International Business Times

The discussion of sexual assault and harassment are all the more paramount in an era dominated by the #MeToo and Times Up movement, but now there is a mobile dating application that is working towards making such complaints a thing of the past. Enter "Yes to Sex," a dating app created in 2016 that requests for an explicit sexual consent agreement to be made between both parties. The app, which is available for download through Apple's App Store and Google Play, requires users to verbalize the words "yes" or "no" before engaging in sexual relations with another user. The entire process is expected to take no more than 25 seconds, Yes to Sex's website claimed. "The media talking about consent is the first step in the right direction of making it the norm to verbally ask a potential partner straight-up every time, if they are interested," Wendy Geller, the app's president, CEO and inventor, told International Business Times.

Flipboard on Flipboard


Much of the strategic focus in the digital economy thus far has revolved around getting better insights into consumers. B2C firms have been the leaders in customer analytics initiatives. E-commerce, mobile commerce, and social media platforms have enabled businesses to better sculpt marketing and customer support initiatives and customer services. Extensive data and advanced analytics for B2C have enabled strategists to better understand consumer behavior and corresponding propensities as visitors and purchasers conduct daily activities through online systems. But there is also an emerging capability to gain insights on business customers.

Chatbots in Companies


Chatbots are computer programs that are purposed to offer auditory services. They are governed by a set of rules and artificial intelligence which establish a friendly human interface to chat, answer questions and other functionalities. As a result, individuals and enterprises acquire unlimited benefits, including revolutionizing customer service space. They are products of artificial intelligence and multiple choice scripts that are currently produced in large numbers. This helps to satisfy personalized content experiences as requested by users.

Robots/AI Will Not Take Over Recruiting


Imagine a Future where Robots own every aspect of the Recruiting/Staffing process, where the Robots drive down the cost of staffing such that no human recruiter exists ever again. Imagine where Artificial Intelligence in a reality like Sky Net is scratching the surface of ingenuity such that sourcing, screening, recruiting, offers, and closing all are filtered by Machines. Imagine where there is no more human interaction in the staffing process. We've heard this nonsense for nearly a decade. Further, as Artificial Intelligence technologies come into maturity new calls for the loss of the Recruiter, the end of staffing as we know it, and the end of the human recruiter are all but the swarm of the click baited articles we see swirling around this ethos.

2018: The Year of Artificial Intelligence and Insights as a Service {IaaS}


The digital world is constantly changing--a good thing, especially because new advancements and tools are what propel businesses and entire industries (like healthcare[Office1]) forward. But in order to successfully integrate technology into business operations, you can't only look at what's happening in the world of technology today, you've got to look at what's coming next as well. Here at Futurum, that's our specialty. In this vein, my partner, Daniel Newman, recently brought you five predictions on how blockchain will drive digital transformation and discussed his AI and automation predictions for the future. Today, I'm here to share how 2018 will be the year of AI and insights as a service (IaaS).

Finding and Sourcing Employees in the Digitization Era


YES? 3. 3 QUICK DEFINITIONS ARTIFICIAL Not naturally occurring BOTS Automated software applications INTELLIGENCE Ability to think, learn, and understand 4. 4 In 2017 alone, Google launched an AI-based job search engine Google for Jobs and a new recruiting application Google jumping into HR tech legitimizes the ideas we've all been trying to champion." VS. 9. 9 THE BOTS AI and bots offer powerful advantages in the recruiting process 10. 10 THE BOTS PROS 1 2 3 Speed and efficiency Removing unconscious bias Greater insight into candidate quality 11. 11 THE BOTS CONS Inability to read and react appropriately to human emotion Can't offer human connection Inadequate to determine soft skills and interpersonal skills 1 2 3 12. 12 THE BOTS Ideal roles • Build talent networks/ pipelines • Develop multichannel sourcing • Screen best fit for a role based on resume • Process resumes and update contacts • Run background checks • Check references • Conduct standard initial screening Automated computer programs work well for tasks that are "rule-based" and don't require creativity or interpersonal skills 13.

4 Ways AI is Changing the Landscape of Content Marketing - and What It Means For You


The term AI conjures up images of futuristic sci-fi scenes and shiny robots. And, while that is an extreme, media-led version of it, it has been consistently infiltrating our lives for the past few years. In a 2014 statement to the BBC, Stephen Hawking urged that, if done wrong, "the development of full AI could spell the end of the human race." That is not a fun thought. But it does show the powerful potential AI has.