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iRobot on the defensive


SharkNinja, a well-known marketer of home consumer products, has entered the American robotic vacuum market with a product that is priced to compete against iRobot's Roomba line of floor cleaners. SharkNinja has partnered with ECOVACS, a Chinese manufacturer of many robotic products including robotic vacuums and floor cleaners, to custom manufacture the new Shark ION Robot – thus SharkNinja isn't starting from scratch. And it sued what it considered to be patent violations by Hoover, Black & Decker, Bobsweep, Bissell Homecare, and Micro-Star International (MSI) (which manufacturers the Hoover and Black & Decker vacuums). According to Zacks Equity Research, iRobot just favorably settled with MSI in an agreement where MSI will exit the global robotic cleaning industry and also provide a undisclosed compensation fee to iRobot.

Switzerland's Getting a Delivery Network for Blood-Toting Drones


The latest of these comes from Silicon Valley startup Matternet, which has been testing an autonomous drone network over Switzerland, shuttling blood and other medical samples between hospitals and testing facilities. Right now, Raptopoulos says, hospitals move those supplies using third party couriers that tend to be expensive and unreliable, or even use taxis. To make that possible, the California company developed a drone base station that automates ground operations, to make life as easy as possible for operators. Another Silicon Valley startup, Zipline, delivers blood and vaccine supplies throughout Rwanda and Tanzania, African countries where lacking infrastructure makes flying much more efficient than driving.

Ask An Expert: How To Get Business Value From Chatbots


We offer consulting, implementation of AI and cognitive agents, chatbot solutions, among others, and we help our clients to run these solutions. We have 270,000 people globally, of which already thousands are working on advanced technologies like Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The second is advanced analytics: not just looking back based on data, but also predicting the future based on data and based on artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. The third one is what we call conversational AI: advanced chatbots that enable the clients of our clients to have a natural conversation with a machine backed by all kinds of intelligence.

Machine Learning Is Making Video Game Characters Smarter And Robots More Competent


So says Danny Lange, the VP of AI and machine learning at Unity Technologies, a major maker of game "engine" software that handles the underlying mechanics of titles like Firewatch and ChronoBlade. Today the company announced Unity Machine Learning Agents--open-source software linking its game engine to machine learning programs such as Google's TensorFlow. It will allow non-playable characters, through trial and error, to develop better, more creative strategies than a human could program, says Lange, using a branch of machine learning called deep reinforcement learning. And Nvidia's new Isaac Lab uses rival Epic Games' Unreal Engine to generate lifelike virtual environments for training the algorithms that control actual robots.

Industrial automation and intelligence automation, .. the difference?


Industrial automation can be defined as a Set of processes where implementation of control systems, such as Robots, computers or both, including information technologies for administering different processes and equipment's in an industry to replace a human being. This is done to achieve higher productivity, quality, flexibility, information accuracy and higher safety. The negative effects being high initial cost, associated with making the switch from a human involved production line to an automatic production line. In other words, it is the application of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies like computer vision, cognitive automation, machine learning to a robotic process which will elevate competitive advantage to a business.

True AI doesn't exist's augmented intelligence 7wData


While many companies claim to provide "AI-driven" solutions, in reality they're leveraging machine learning techniques at best, developing what Ganzarski refers to as augmented intelligence. In an interview with Information Age, Ganzarski's discussed how he thinks this gap from augmented intelligence to Artificial Intelligence will be bridged, how long that will take and what the future of AI holds. Instead, tech companies claiming to do'AI' are actually providing what I would define as augmented intelligence – very sophisticated, fast decision processing or decision supporting software based on real-time scenarios. In the simplest of language, AI is a computer (software, robot, call it whatever you will) that has the ability to do things only a human can do, and use the same level of logic and reasoning that a human would.

Apple Watch Series 3 Reviews: Connectivity, Battery Issues Are Problematic

International Business Times

Here's a roundup of the Apple Watch Series 3 reviews. On the AT&T -connected models, the cellular connection dropped, calls were often choppy and Siri sometimes failed to connect. Lauren Goode from the Verge also had issues with the Apple Watch Series 3's connection, and saw the device's battery drain fast. "In one of my initial tests, I went for a walk with the phone on airplane mode, and tried to send text messages and use Siri to initiate phone calls through the Watch.

20 percent off a smart car charger and other good deals happening today

Popular Science

For the first time, the Anker Roav SmartCharge Car Kit is on sale for 20 percent off. If you put the code ANKERFMA at checkout, you can save $6. Beyond charging your devices, it uses Bluetooth and FM radio to connect to your car's stereo, so you can play music and answer phone calls. It's got two USB quick-charging ports, and let's you use the Roav app to find your car in case you've forgotten where you parked it.

Handheld scanner divines how nutritious your food really is

New Scientist

FARMERS can now zap their crops with a handheld scanner to instantly determine nutritional content, which could prove crucial in mitigating the effects of climate change on food quality. "Real-time results mean farmers can add fertilisers or tweak moisture levels as crops grow" Farmers can use the app to assess the impact of changing conditions, such as extreme weather and soil quality, on the quality of their crops from year to year. It could allow farmers to mitigate the negative effects of climate change early by adding fertilisers or tweaking moisture levels as crops grow. Other companies are developing similar gadgets for consumers, and sensors that can be fitted onto a smartphone.

Inside the Second Coming of Nest


But because I am visiting Nest, and Mittleman is its Head of Product Design, working on a new gadget that this startup-turned-controversial Alphabet division is launching, I can't say I am surprised. The new products include the aforementioned Nest Secure, a home security system; Nest Hello, an internet-connected doorbell; an outdoor version of its Nest Cam IQ security camera (which uses Google face recognition to identify people who wander into range); and, perhaps most significant, the integration of the voice-based Google Assistant into Nest products, beginning with the indoor IQ camera. When Fadell left in June 2016, Larry Page replaced him with Marwan Fawaz, a nuts-and-bolts guy who is much in the mold of other recent Alphabet division leaders: experienced, middle-aged guys (always guys) known less for vision than for delivering quarterly results. Though no case like that had ever been reported, Nest halted sales for a few weeks and issued a recall to disable the feature in 440,000 Protect units.