The absurd beauty of hacking Nvidia's GauGAN 2 AI image machine


Typing the words "ZDNet superb reporting" into Nvidia's GauGAN 2 AI program automatically produces surreal images. Type the words "ZDNet superb reporting" into Nvidia's new artificial intelligence demo, GauGAN 2, and you will see a picture of what looks like large pieces of foam insulation wrestling in a lake against a snowy backdrop. Add more words, such as "ZDNet superb reporting comely," and you'll see the image morphed into something new, some barely recognizable form, perhaps a Formula One race car that has been digested, proceeding along what looks sort-of like a road, in front of blurry views of a man-made structure. GauGAN 2 produces a strange interpretation of the phrase "ZDNet superb reporting comely." Roll the dice with a little button of an image of two dice, and you'll, and the same phrase becomes a spooky, mist-shrouded landscape with a yawning mouth of some sort of organic nature, but completely unidentifiable as to its exact species.