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An antidote to "fast fashion"


In today's world of fast fashion, retailers sell only a fraction of their inventory, and consumers keep their clothes for about half as long as they did 15 years ago. As a result, the clothing industry has become associated with swelling greenhouse gas emissions and wasteful practices. The startup Armoire is addressing these issues with a clothing rental service designed to increase the utilization of clothes and save customers time. The service is based on machine-learning algorithms that use feedback from users to make better predictions about what they'll wear. Customers pay a flat monthly price to get access to a range of high-end styles.

Prada-Backed AI Startup To Create First Live Streamed 3D Virtual Fashion Show


This Friday, Artificial Intelligence fashion startup Bigthinx, in partnership with Fashinnovation, will live stream the first fully digital 3D Virtual Fashion Show (including digitised human models) since the coronavirus pandemic forced the fashion industry online. The'virtual' aspect is that the models and clothes are being created using 3D digital design, rendering, and animation, based on technical data (including garment measurements) and photographs of the models and clothes. This will be the first time many fashion professionals have seen virtual fashion since the industry-wide discussions about implementing it ramped up, following the coronavirus-induced lockdown. In creating this 3D virtual show, with opportunity comes numerous challenges, especially for a technology company known for its'body scan' avatar solution based on just two photos and a selfie from a smartphone. From these images, they calculate "44 precise body measurements and body composition ratios, with over 95% accuracy."