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10 French Startups Using AI in Healthcare - Nanalyze


Many of you have probably been to France, considering that it's the most visited country in the world. While you were there, you may have noticed that the country is quite large – about the size of Texas, but with far fewer Mexicans. Like Texans, the French are proud of where they come from, and will ramble on about it in their funny little accents much to the chagrin of anyone within earshot. This sense of national pride is what made our article on "The Top-10 French Artificial Intelligence Startups" quite popular, and as we promised, we're going to follow up with an article on some French AI startups in healthcare. None of the top French AI companies we wrote about last month came from the healthcare sector, which happens to be the cornerstone of Monsieur Macron's $1.8 billion AI investment program over the next four years.