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FDA clears first EKG band for the Apple Watch


AliveCor's KardiaBand, a device that detect dangerous heart rhythms, has become the first Apple Watch accessory cleared for medical use by the FDA, the company announced. It can capture your EKG in 30 seconds, then detect problems like atrial fibrillation, a type of heart arrhythmia.

EKG-Reading Kardia Band Is First Apple Watch Accessory To Get FDA Clearance


Kardia Band attaches to the Apple Watch like any other replaceable watch band. The user rests a finger on the sensor pad embedded in the band, allowing an EKG reading to be taken. The Kardia Band transmits its EKG reading to the Apple Watch (via a high-pitch audio signal) where it's displayed in real time as a moving waveform. When the 30-second EKG is finished, the user can view it on their phone or easily send the results as a PDF to their physician.