Remedy is a Khosla-backed teledoc with A.I. capabilities for the uninsured


There are quite a few telemedicine startups to choose from these days including Doctor on Demand, HealthTap and even some of the older, more established companies like MDLive or American Well but Remedy is a new one we've just been turned onto promising high-quality doctors at a lower cost per visit with the use of what it refers to as artificial intelligence to help diagnose what ails you. Telemedicine is fast adopting the use of A.I. as an umbrella term in over-the-phone medical help. HealthTap just announced the launch of "Dr. AI," its own version of a smart search algorithm, and Remedy falls into this same category. But much of what is so-called artificial intelligence really depends on how you label what you consider AI.

UK's NHS will test Babylon's triage chatbot to replace non-emergency hotline


The UK's National Health Service will soon begin a trial testing whether or not a chatbot can effectively replace a call center for non-emergency medical triage, according to a report from the Financial Times. Babylon, a UK-based telemedicine startup, will power the six-month trial in north-central London, which will include 1.2 million covered citizens. Babylon is a major telemedicine provider in its native England. The company's direct-to-consumer offering starts with an AI-powered chatbot which can escalate up to a video visit if necessary. Triage via Babylon requires about 12 text messages and takes about a minute and a half.

Ten emerging healthcare data analytics trends for 2016 - Think Big Data


User experience for dashboard solutions for medical community will emerge as a key product differentiation Conventionally, user experience has been focused towards consumer interfaces only. Data analytics players will renew their focus on healthcare institutional solutions Startups such as Flatiron Health and Oncora Medical are building data platforms for real-time data analysis from patient records to create real-time R&D dashboards. Genomics research ventures will drive machine learning driven drug discovery initiatives Machine learning for drug discovery isn't a new trend. Interestingly, a range of startups that use data driven machine learning for diagnostic and care predictions are engaging with healthcare institutions to digitize health records and create useful data driven analytics solutions.