The top 100 new technology innovations of 2022


On a cloudy Christmas morning last year, a rocket carrying the most powerful space telescope ever built blasted off from a launchpad in French Guiana. After reaching its destination in space about a month later, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) began sending back sparkling presents to humanity--jaw-dropping images that are revealing our universe in stunning new ways. Every year since 1988, Popular Science has highlighted the innovations that make living on Earth even a tiny bit better. And this year--our 35th--has been remarkable, thanks to the successful deployment of the JWST, which earned our highest honor as the Innovation of the Year. But it's just one item out of the 100 stellar technological accomplishments our editors have selected to recognize. The list below represents months of research, testing, discussion, and debate. It celebrates exciting inventions that are improving our lives in ways both big and small. These technologies and discoveries are teaching us about the ...

Artificial Intellgence -- Application in Life Sciences and Beyond. The Upper Rhine Artificial Intelligence Symposium UR-AI 2021 Artificial Intelligence

The TriRhenaTech alliance presents the accepted papers of the 'Upper-Rhine Artificial Intelligence Symposium' held on October 27th 2021 in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Topics of the conference are applications of Artificial Intellgence in life sciences, intelligent systems, industry 4.0, mobility and others. The TriRhenaTech alliance is a network of universities in the Upper-Rhine Trinational Metropolitan Region comprising of the German universities of applied sciences in Furtwangen, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Offenburg and Trier, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach, the French university network Alsace Tech (comprised of 14 'grandes \'ecoles' in the fields of engineering, architecture and management) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. The alliance's common goal is to reinforce the transfer of knowledge, research, and technology, as well as the cross-border mobility of students.

These five patents hints at what an Apple car could look like


New York (CNN Business)Talk of a possible Apple car is back. Apple (AAPL) hasn't commented publicly on its plans for the project, nicknamed Titan, so it's not clear exactly what will come of the effort. Some who follow the company think it could release a whole Apple-branded, electric, self-driving car. Others think it's more likely Apple will partner with existing automakers to sell an operating system (iDrive, maybe?), self-driving tools or other technology. There are some clues available, though.

Convolutional Neural Network-Bagged Decision Tree: A hybrid approach to reduce electric vehicle's driver's range anxiety by estimating energy consumption in real-time Artificial Intelligence

To overcome range anxiety problem of Electric Vehicles (EVs), an accurate real-time energy consumption estimation is necessary, which can be used to provide the EV's driver with information about the remaining range in real-time. A hybrid CNN-BDT approach has been developed, in which Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is used to provide an energy consumption estimate considering the effect of temperature, wind speed, battery's SOC, auxiliary loads, road elevation, vehicle speed and acceleration. Further, Bagged Decision Tree (BDT) is used to fine tune the estimate. Unlike existing techniques, the proposed approach doesn't require internal vehicle parameters from manufacturer and can easily learn complex patterns even from noisy data. Comparison results with existing techniques show that the developed approach provides better estimates with least mean absolute energy deviation of 0.14.

It's big, loud and secretive: We got a tour of Tesla's Gigafactory and here's how it works

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Chris Lister, vice president of operations of the Tesla Gigafactory, provides insight during a tour on Dec. 3, 2018. Big numbers are one way to appreciateTesla's gargantuan Nevada Gigafactory. Operating 24-hours per day in shifts, workers produce enough battery packs and drive units in a week to power 5,300 of Tesla's Model 3 sedans. Tesla says at 5.4 million square feet, roughly equivalent to 50 Home Depot stores, the factory is just 30 percent of its potential size and is already producing more batteries than all other carmakers combined. With more than 7,000 Tesla workers, the factory is responsible for increasing manufacturing employment in the Reno-Sparks area by 55 percent since 2014, according to the Governor's Office of Economic Development.

First Test Drive of the Tesla Model 3 Performance: A Thrilling, Modern Marvel WSJD - Technology

And this is guilt-free hooning since I'll recover, going downhill, most energy expended going up. Give her the spurs, Moon Flower. The Model 3's uncanny stability while cornering is mostly the product of its lithium-battery keel; but Tesla didn't skimp on the suspension bits: upper and lower A arms (aluminum and steel) with virtual steer axis geometry, twin-tube coilovers and anti-roll bar in front; in the rear, a multi-link geometry, also with twin-tube shocks and anti-roll bar. For now the hottest tires available are the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, which are nice all-rounders but not particularly grippy. I'm no financial analyst, but I do know cars.

Toyota, Panasonic strike battery deal in threat to Tesla

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Japanese car maker Toyota unveils a new humanoid robot that mirrors the movements of its remote operator, as Stuart McDill reports.

The Unending Struggle to Make Your Car Feel Like Your Phone


This is the second installment in a four-part series on the future of the interior of the car, examining how life will change inside a space where so many people spend so many hours. The auto industry has something of a problem on its hands. Mobile technology has progressed so rapidly in the past few years that people have come to expect, if not demand, the same access to entertainment, information, and communication when they're on the road. Automakers--hardly a nimble group--have been struggling to catch up. Durability and safety requirements make it tricky to simply shove the latest mobile tech into the vehicle.

Audi (AUDVF) on Annual Press Conference 2017 - Earnings Call Transcript


In the consumer report, we are number one once again and just like the Q7, in the consumer report it also occupies the first position as the best luxury SUV. And I think this power of the brand makes it possible for us to grow significantly. There are couple of models which have not even be launched yet in this market, models which we already know here, for instance the S4, the A5, and the entirely new A5 Sportback. They are now being launched in the United States. All new models for this market, and I assume that this year once again we are going to experience very solid growth in the United States. And the question so whether we spend more money for this? I can tell you we even spend less money in form of sales discounts because of the powerful brand and the relatively young product portfolio. So you would take the second part?