5 best pet trackers to keep your dog or cat safe

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Keeping track of your pets has never been easier with these gadgets. If you're a pet owner and lover like me, you know there's nothing more important than keeping your furry friend safe. CLICK TO GET KURT'S CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, SECURITY ALERTS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER As luck would find it, there have never been as many affordable options that make all the difference between a missing pet poster and being together safe and sound at home. That's why I recommend you invest in a pet tracker of some kind so you can always have peace of mind knowing where your pet is. There are lots of pet trackers on the market, so before you make your choice, make sure the one you're purchasing has all these features.

The top 100 new technology innovations of 2022


On a cloudy Christmas morning last year, a rocket carrying the most powerful space telescope ever built blasted off from a launchpad in French Guiana. After reaching its destination in space about a month later, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) began sending back sparkling presents to humanity--jaw-dropping images that are revealing our universe in stunning new ways. Every year since 1988, Popular Science has highlighted the innovations that make living on Earth even a tiny bit better. And this year--our 35th--has been remarkable, thanks to the successful deployment of the JWST, which earned our highest honor as the Innovation of the Year. But it's just one item out of the 100 stellar technological accomplishments our editors have selected to recognize. The list below represents months of research, testing, discussion, and debate. It celebrates exciting inventions that are improving our lives in ways both big and small. These technologies and discoveries are teaching us about the ...

Startup Funding: September 2022


The onshoring and buildout of dozens of fabs, many costing tens of billions of dollars, is beginning to spill over into other areas that are critical for chip manufacturing. Materials, in particular, which often gets little attention outside of chip manufacturing, witnessed a big spike in September 2022. In fact, seven materials companies covered in this report made up more than a third of the month's total reported investments, with three of the companies garnering more than $200 million. Other investment targets were sputtering equipment and evaporation materials for deposition, high-purity polycrystalline silicon, fluorine-containing electronic gases, and silicon carbide. In the AI hardware arena, numerous startups are focusing on in-memory and near-memory compute, reducing the volume of data that needs to be moved back and forth between memory and processing elements. Novel architectures also are appearing, such as one that uses sparse mathematics.

The Morning After: Does Samsung have another phone-battery problem?


A few years ago, Samsung had major battery issues when several faulty Galaxy Note 7 phones had exploding batteries. The devices were recalled, and the company spent a lot of time over the following years outlining all the rigorous battery tests it did to ensure it didn't happen again. Now, YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss, as well as others, have noticed batteries in Samsung phones are swelling up at a disproportionately high rate. This usually affects older devices, but some are only a couple of years old – the 2020-era Galaxy Z Fold 2, for instance. Samsung hasn't formally responded yet, but battery swelling isn't a new problem, nor one unique to Galaxy phones.

The Ring Video Doorbell for added home security is on sale on Amazon right now

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SHOPPING: Products featured in this article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline will earn an affiliate commission. Thousands of shoppers are keeping an eye on their homes even when they're not in, thanks to the Ring Video Doorbell by Amazon. Hailed a'must have for any home', the wireless video doorbell with 1080p HD video is currently on sale for £64.99 - that's £25 off the listed retail price. Now on sale for the lowest price ever on Amazon, the Ring Video Doorbell could be a wise investment for your home, particularly as it's now just £64.99.

Artificial Intelligence's Environmental Costs and Promise


Artificial intelligence (AI) is often presented in binary terms in both popular culture and political analysis. Either it represents the key to a futuristic utopia defined by the integration of human intelligence and technological prowess, or it is the first step toward a dystopian rise of machines. This same binary thinking is practiced by academics, entrepreneurs, and even activists in relation to the application of AI in combating climate change. The technology industry's singular focus on AI's role in creating a new technological utopia obscures the ways that AI can exacerbate environmental degradation, often in ways that directly harm marginalized populations. In order to utilize AI in fighting climate change in a way that both embraces its technological promise and acknowledges its heavy energy use, the technology companies leading the AI charge need to explore solutions to the environmental impacts of AI.

Better living through quantum chemistry


Efforts to invent more practical superconductors and better batteries could be the first areas of business to get a quantum speed boost. This month IBM and Google both said they aim to commercialize quantum computers within the next few years (Google specified five), selling access to the exotic machines in a new kind of cloud service. The competitors predict a new era in which computers are immensely more powerful, with dividends including more efficient routing for logistics and mapping companies, new forms of machine learning, better product recommendations, and improved diagnostic tests. But before any of that, the first quantum computer to start paying its way with useful work in the real world will probably do so by helping chemists trying to do things like improve batteries or electronics. So far, the early, small quantum computers researchers have sketched out in most detail seem best suited to simulating molecules and reactions.

Council Post: 16 Experts Predict The Tech Trends That Will Dominate Industry In 2022


Tech trends can change on a dime--for example, the Covid-19 pandemic caused many companies to reactively switch their tech focus to enabling and supporting remote work. Still, industry watchers generally have insight into likely upcoming developments--they named cybersecurity and the Internet of Things as trends to watch in 2021, and there's no doubt these topics have generated plenty of headlines this year. The tech experts of Forbes Technology Council have their own predictions about the technologies and trends they believe will dominate not only the tech industry but business in general in the year ahead. From continued upgrades to artificial intelligence, voice search and battery technology to the rise of "citizen developers," here are their predictions and reasons for new and continuing tech trends in 2022. Members of Forbes Technology Council share their predictions for the tech trends that will dominate industry in 2022.

Hottest of CES 2022: our 20 favorite launches from the show


While CES 2022 wasn't quite the full-blown, in-person event organizers were hoping for, the massive electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada, still managed to deliver a stellar line-up of exciting technology. There's so much happening at CES, but there are always some announcements that really grab our attention and for those products, a highly coveted Hottest of CES 2022 TechRadar award is in sight. The TechRadar team spent all week voting on and debating over our favorite CES 2022 launches. What you'll find below are the results: The 20 hottest products from this year's show. LG came out swinging at CES 2022 by announcing a number of 8K and 4K OLEDs, several new QNED mini-LED TVs, and even a MicroLED TV.

Artificial Intellgence -- Application in Life Sciences and Beyond. The Upper Rhine Artificial Intelligence Symposium UR-AI 2021 Artificial Intelligence

The TriRhenaTech alliance presents the accepted papers of the 'Upper-Rhine Artificial Intelligence Symposium' held on October 27th 2021 in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Topics of the conference are applications of Artificial Intellgence in life sciences, intelligent systems, industry 4.0, mobility and others. The TriRhenaTech alliance is a network of universities in the Upper-Rhine Trinational Metropolitan Region comprising of the German universities of applied sciences in Furtwangen, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Offenburg and Trier, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach, the French university network Alsace Tech (comprised of 14 'grandes \'ecoles' in the fields of engineering, architecture and management) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. The alliance's common goal is to reinforce the transfer of knowledge, research, and technology, as well as the cross-border mobility of students.