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DBT data build tool helps data teams work like software engineers, transform data and control the flow to ship trusted data, faster. It means that we first load the data as is to the target and then use SQL (DBT data build tool) to transform it. DBT data build tool will materialize your SQL selects into table views and manage the flow of executing the SQL. ETL developers, DBA, BI developers, decision-makers that consider DBT, SQL programmers, data analysts, data engineers.

Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer


Learn to detect obstacles in lidar point clouds through clustering and segmentation, apply thresholds and filters to radar data in order to accurately track objects, and augment your perception by projecting camera images into three dimensions and fusing these projections with other sensor data. Combine this sensor data with Kalman filters to perceive the world around a vehicle and track objects over time. Learn to fuse data from three of the primary sensors that robots use: lidar, camera, and radar.

Alteryx Masterclass for Data Analytics, ETL and Reporting


A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Alteryx course. Why should you choose this course? This is a complete tutorial on Alteryx which can be completed within a weekend. Data Analysis and Analytics process automation are the most sought-after skills for Data analysis roles in all the companies. Alteryx designer core certification portrays one of the most desired skills in the market.

Informatica Online Training Informatica Certification Course Edureka


Problem statement: A Bank's management committee wants to understand their business needs, customer's requirement in detail and more accurate manner. They want to build up one Decision support system in which they want some banking report on daily, weekly, monthly basis. The vendor needs to use their database to give an automatic reporting application for present and future requirements. Using Informatica PowerCenter you have to fulfill all the requirements. Problem statement: Target Mega Mart is planning to build a data warehouse of sales, to enhance their decision support.

Decoding Data Mining and ETL techniques with MS Excel 2013


This course enables you to know more details about the data mining and ETL techniques. Whether you are new to Excel or an advanced user, Grey Campus Power BI course will cover what you need to know to become a Power BI User and how to gather and decode the data from multiple sources using advanced Ms Excel tools. Each and every topic mentioned above are explained in the Hands-on videos. Exercises and datasets included in this course are useful to practice and implement the concepts learned in this course. For your reference,additional material is also provided.