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Top Artificial Intelligence Influencers to Follow On LinkedIn


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving at an exponential rate. Today, it has expanded beyond tech and geographical constraints and is slowly bringing massive changes worldwide. In recent times, AI influencers are driving conversations about AI news and trends across social media and beyond while also offering advice to numerous enterprises. Plus, they also help us keep updated with the recent innovations and information about AI. Analytics Insight brings 10 LinkedIn influencers who share the latest trends in the AI domain through insightful articles on their LinkedIn blogs.

Facebook's AI team expands post-grad courses for Black and Latinx students


Facebook says that it will expand an online course in deep learning to more students to help improve the diversity of its AI division. After a successful pilot program at Georgia Tech, the company will roll out this graduate-level course in deep learning to more colleges across 2021. The focus will be on offering the system to universities that serve large numbers of Black and Latinx students. It's hoped that, by improving the diversity of the people building these systems, some of the more odious biases will be weeded out. This is part of a broader program to encourage people to enter the computer science field even if their undergraduate training is in another area.

Did you know Andrew NG the pioneer of machine learning and deep learning online courses


Andrew Yan-Tak Ng (Chinese: 吳恩達; born 1976) is a Chinese-American computer scientist and statistician, focusing on machine learning and AI. Also a business executive and investor in the Silicon Valley, Ng co-founded and led Google Brain and was a former Vice President and Chief Scientist at Baidu, building the company's Artificial Intelligence Group into a team of several thousand people. Ng is an adjunct professor at Stanford University (formerly associate professor and Director of its AI Lab). Also a pioneer in online education, Ng co-founded Coursera and With his online courses, he has successfully spearheaded many efforts to "democratize deep learning."

Andrew Ng's answer to How can beginners in machine learning, who have finished their MOOCs in machine learning and deep learning, take it to the next level and get to the point of being able to read research papers & productively contribute in an industry? - Quora


Follow leaders in ML on twitter to see what research papers/blog posts/etc. This is a very effective but highly under-rated way to get good at ML. Having seen a lot of new Stanford PhD students grow to become great researchers, I can say confidently that replicating others' results (not just reading the papers) is one of the most effective ways to see and make sure you understand the details of the latest algorithms. When you do build something new, publish it in a paper or blog post and consider open-sourcing your code, and share it back out with the community! Hopefully this will help you get more feedback from the community, and further accelerate your learning. Participate in any other enrichment activities that help you learn, such online competitions, going to meetups, attending (or watching online videos of) good AI/ML/vision/NLP/speech/etc.