The Role of Social Movements, Coalitions, and Workers in Resisting Harmful Artificial Intelligence and Contributing to the Development of Responsible AI Artificial Intelligence

There is mounting public concern over the influence that AI based systems has in our society. Coalitions in all sectors are acting worldwide to resist hamful applications of AI. From indigenous people addressing the lack of reliable data, to smart city stakeholders, to students protesting the academic relationships with sex trafficker and MIT donor Jeffery Epstein, the questionable ethics and values of those heavily investing in and profiting from AI are under global scrutiny. There are biased, wrongful, and disturbing assumptions embedded in AI algorithms that could get locked in without intervention. Our best human judgment is needed to contain AI's harmful impact. Perhaps one of the greatest contributions of AI will be to make us ultimately understand how important human wisdom truly is in life on earth.

Keeping it Real: Using Real-World Problems to Teach AI to Diverse Audiences

AI Magazine

In recent years, AI-based applications have increasingly been used in real-world domains. For example, game theory-based decision aids have been successfully deployed in various security settings to protect ports, airports, and wildlife. This article describes our unique problem-to-project educational approach that used games rooted in real-world issues to teach AI concepts to diverse audiences. Specifically, our educational program began by presenting real-world security issues, and progressively introduced complex AI concepts using lectures, interactive exercises, and ultimately hands-on games to promote learning. We describe our experience in applying this approach to several audiences, including students of an urban public high school, university undergraduates, and security domain experts who protect wildlife. We evaluated our approach based on results from the games and participant surveys.

2017 Les Miller awards ceremony for Costa Mesa high schools and colleges

Los Angeles Times

The top students and student athletes from Costa Mesa high schools and colleges will be honored during the 2017 Les Miller Outstanding Student Awards ceremony organized by the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce. The students, nominated by their teachers and principals for outstanding academics, community service or athletics, will be recognized at the 38th annual Les Miller awards dinner Wednesday at the Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa. Community work: Volunteer at Dr. Riba's Health Club summer camp, various volunteer opportunities associated with CMHS Cheer, volunteer with the Crossing Church children's ministries, first responder, Community work: Various volunteer opportunities associated with CMHS cheer, Family Animal Hospital volunteer. Future plans: Attend UC Davis majoring in animal science to become a wildlife veterinarian. Future plans: Attend BYU Provo to major in accounting then continue on to law school (hopefully Yale).

Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE: Semi-finalists set sail on a journey to illuminate the ocean


We have just taken another momentous step in the journey to unveil the hidden wonders of our own planet! Since the launch of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December 2015, individuals from around the world have been racing to form Teams and develop a range of groundbreaking technologies to access the deep-sea. Registration closed at the end of September 2016 with 32 bold Teams stepping forward to take on the challenge of mapping and imaging our ocean as never before. Today, we announce the 21 semi-finalists Teams advancing in the Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. These innovative semi-finalist Teams, consisting of almost 350 individuals from 25 countries, represent a broad, impressive diversity of backgrounds and expertise, including middle and high school students, university students, maker-movement enthusiasts, and water and ocean industry professionals.