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From machine learning to Python language skills: 6 tech skill sets that fetch maximum salary


With both machine learning and data analytics skill set, one can easily fetch an average pay of Rs 13.94 lakh per annum (LPA). Although knowledge of machine learning algorithms do add to the highest package, the skill set alone can fetch a handsome Rs 10.43 LPA on average. If the latest Analytics India Industry Report 2017 – Salaries & Trends report is anything to go by, one could make an average of Rs 10.40 LPA with exceptional R language skills. One of the most popular programming languages, professionals with Python skill set can make around Rs 10.12 LPA on average.

Computer Program Turns Spoken English Into Sign Language

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Even before the current war on terrorism, security checks at airports and in other places were often a problem for deaf people, who can't hear the buzz of metal detectors or the commands of security guards. Many deaf people are not fluent in English, so posted signs aren't always helpful. Using sign-language interpreters at every security station is not the answer, either, because of the cost and limited availability of trained personnel. In the near future, "Paula" could provide a solution to this communication barrier, as well as many others. Paula is a computer-generated synthetic interpreter developed by a team of faculty and students in the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems at DePaul University in Chicago.

Mondly releases language-learning voice chatbot


The chatbot interacts with users by using a speech recognition engine that allows users to practice speaking in a foreign language and receive adaptive audio-visual responses. The app recognizes inputs and creates an adaptive visual response when it recognizes a word or phrase that the user has said or typed. Mondly is currently available for users to learn languages including English, German, Spanish, and French. If a user natively speaks Spanish, that user can learn French with a Spanish language interface.

New AI-Based App Develops Kids' Tech, Photo and Language Skills


Los Angeles, California – Indie developer and computer vision engineer, Mustafa Jaber, is pleased to announce the release of Capture Caption Lite, an AI-based app developed for iOS and Android devices. With the Capture Caption app, users can snap a photo with their smartphone or iPad and artificial intelligence will generate a word cloud using cutting-edge computer technology. These word clouds can be then downloaded to the user's image library and shared across multiple social media platforms. The brainchild of electrical engineer and image processing expert Mustafa Jaber, the app uses an artificial intelligence platform that derives information from images. This program understands the content of any image by using powerful machine-learning models, which can quickly classify images into thousands of categories.