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FinBrain: When Finance Meets AI 2.0 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the core technology of technological revolution and industrial transformation. As one of the new intelligent needs in the AI 2.0 era, financial intelligence has elicited much attention from the academia and industry. In our current dynamic capital market, financial intelligence demonstrates a fast and accurate machine learning capability to handle complex data and has gradually acquired the potential to become a "financial brain". In this work, we survey existing studies on financial intelligence. First, we describe the concept of financial intelligence and elaborate on its position in the financial technology field. Second, we introduce the development of financial intelligence and review state-of-the-art techniques in wealth management, risk management, financial security, financial consulting, and blockchain. Finally, we propose a research framework called FinBrain and summarize four open issues, namely, explainable financial agents and causality, perception and prediction under uncertainty, risk-sensitive and robust decision making, and multi-agent game and mechanism design. We believe that these research directions can lay the foundation for the development of AI 2.0 in the finance field.

Overview of the Payments Industry


Banks That Have Implemented Social Media Payments Through Facebook and Twitter, Let's Talk Payments

Artificial Intelligence to Amplify FinTech


AI has taken some steps into banking, but it also poised to transform how banks learn from and interact with customers. Financial services will lead the charge in the implementation of AI. Africa's mobile phone market has expanded to become larger than either the EU or the United States with some 650 million subscribers (2016 data). At the same time, Internet bandwidth has grown 20-fold as hundreds of thousands of kilometres of new cables have been laid across the continent to serve an increasing number of its 1.2 billion Africans. Augmented experience on how to recommend how much to spend and on what. AI is already driving the reinvention of existing products and interactions. Endowing the modern workforce with AI, machine learning, payment intelligence and advanced analytics fintech will thrive, amplify and fly. FinTech, which will incorporate machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and blockchain into one track.

Future of Fintech: 9 Trends In Fintech We're Watching From AI To Chatbots To Blockchain


Financial services incumbents along with early-stage startups and large tech companies are all competing in fintech. CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal gave a 110-slide presentation at our fintech conference in New York. The full deck covered broad VC funding trends for fintech and the developments in large categories such as wealth management, blockchain, remittance tech, and insurance tech. On robo-advisors, Sanwal noted that market volatility has not necessarily been a boon to the category. "It's not all roses," he said. "There are headwinds … When market volatility picks up, people want to talk to an advisor." At the end Sanwal highlighted 9 trends we're watching that are generating excitement. The slides for those trends are included below. If you have questions, please use the hashtag. Use it on Twitter or on the mobile app, and I'll try to get to them. Please ask me easy questions only. If you like something about the presentation, please tweet it out. If you do not like something about the presentation, please just keep it to yourself. Let me jump in and we'll go through this pretty quickly, I think. So this is what we do, take lots of data and try to predict technology trends. You've seen this join the conversation piece. We have lots of great customers, many of whom are in the room.