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Scientists Imagine a Dream World of AI


Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the 1950s when the concept has entered the minds of scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers. Alan Turing is often mentioned as one of the precursors of the artificial intelligence we know and use in our times. Moreover, his 1950 paper, Computing Machinery and Intelligence details how to build such intelligent machines and how to assess their intelligence. Since then, the concept of machine learning has made incredible progress. Deep learning systems are no longer in need of human programming. They learn on their own based on data sets to identify patterns and anomalies.

Report: State of Artificial Intelligence in India - 2020


Artificial Intelligence or AI is a field of Data Science that trains computers to learn from experience, adjust to inputs, and perform tasks of certain cognitive levels. Over the last few years, AI has emerged as a significant data science function and, by utilizing advanced algorithms and computing power, AI is transforming the functional, operational, and strategic landscape of various business domains. AI algorithms are designed to make decisions, often using real-time data. Using sensors, digital data, and even remote inputs, AI algorithms combine information from a variety of different sources, analyze the data instantly, and act on the insights derived from the data. Most AI technologies – from advanced recommendation engines to self-driving cars – rely on diverse deep learning models. By utilizing these complex models, AI professionals are able to train computers to accomplish specific tasks by recognizing patterns in the data. Analytics India Magazine (AIM), in association with Jigsaw Academy, has developed this study on the Artificial Intelligence market to understand the developments of the AI market in India, covering the market in terms of Industry and Company Type. Moreover, the study delves into the market size of the different categories of AI and Analytics startups / boutique firms. As a part of the broad Data Science domain, the Artificial Intelligence technology function has so far been classified as an emerging technology segment. Moreover, the AI market in India has, till now, been dominated by the MNC Technology and the GIC or Captive firms. Domestic firms, Indian startups, and even International Technology startups across various sectors have, so far, not made a significant investment, in terms of operations and scale, in the Indian AI market. Additionally, IT services and Boutique AI & Analytics firms had not, till a couple of years ago, developed full-fledged AI offerings in India for their clients.

AI Research Considerations for Human Existential Safety (ARCHES) Artificial Intelligence

Framed in positive terms, this report examines how technical AI research might be steered in a manner that is more attentive to humanity's long-term prospects for survival as a species. In negative terms, we ask what existential risks humanity might face from AI development in the next century, and by what principles contemporary technical research might be directed to address those risks. A key property of hypothetical AI technologies is introduced, called \emph{prepotence}, which is useful for delineating a variety of potential existential risks from artificial intelligence, even as AI paradigms might shift. A set of \auxref{dirtot} contemporary research \directions are then examined for their potential benefit to existential safety. Each research direction is explained with a scenario-driven motivation, and examples of existing work from which to build. The research directions present their own risks and benefits to society that could occur at various scales of impact, and in particular are not guaranteed to benefit existential safety if major developments in them are deployed without adequate forethought and oversight. As such, each direction is accompanied by a consideration of potentially negative side effects.

A List of Artificial Intelligence Tools for Industry Specific


Here's a look at industry specific companies that utilise various forms of artificial intelligence to solve some really interesting and particular problems for different markets. If you want to be included in any of the list don't forget to comment below. If you use Apple News or similar simple visit the site on a web browser to make comments. Imagia -- helps detect changes in cancer early Kuznech -- computer vision products range Lunit Inc. -- a range of medical imaging software Zebra Medical Vision -- medical imaging to help physicians and practitioners Aerial Achron -- automated UAV operations Airware -- drones for industrial purposes Developers, Studios and Consultants (only a few listed) Aitia Amplify Applied AI Blindspot Solutions Cogent Crossing Minds DSP Expert Systems Explosion

Blockchain In AI Blockchain Use Cases In AI


We all are hoping for the next generation of technology, and we are having more expectations on the world's digital transformation which is gonna be the fourth industrial revolution. To empower this future technologcial changes and evolutions, blockchain has become the only hope for everyone. The most promising technologies that are expected to lead the world's fourth industrial transformation are Artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, Deep Learning, AR and VR. This power of this technology avengers has been swelled and spiraled into multiple branches with the arrival of Blockchain. We already have discussed how artificial intelligence is working in bitcoin and blockchain technology, check it out here.

Top 10 Real-World Artificial Intelligence Applications - DZone AI


Just the mention of AI and the brain invokes pictures of Terminator machines destroying the world. Thankfully, the present picture is significantly more positive. So, let's explore how AI is helping our planet and at last benefiting humankind. In this blog on Artificial Intelligence applications, I'll be discussing how AI has impacted various fields like healthcare, finance, agriculture, and so on. Marketing is a way to sugar coat your products to attract more customers.

Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and we, as machine learning experts, may wonder how we can help. Here we describe how machine learning can be a powerful tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping society adapt to a changing climate. From smart grids to disaster management, we identify high impact problems where existing gaps can be filled by machine learning, in collaboration with other fields. Our recommendations encompass exciting research questions as well as promising business opportunities. We call on the machine learning community to join the global effort against climate change.

Machine Learning and Portfolio Risk Management


By harnessing troves of historical data, asset and wealth management firms are now exploring AI solutions to improve their investment decisions. Since the market crash in the late 2000s, business regulators and consumers have been more wary about risks seeing as some are still trying to recover from it. Machine learning seeks to provide a paradigm shift in investment management for financial institutions so that they do not find themselves in such a situation again. Over the years, technology has helped companies make sense of the massive amounts of data they possess by analyzing them before reaching final decisions. For example, blockchain allows companies to check the validity of transactions before they are even completed.

The joke around artificial intelligence – Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine


As the marketing manager of Burger King, Marcelo Pascoa, explained to AdWeek's website, the idea was to attract the attention of the viewers by surprising them with something obviously far-fetched, but still current and fun: "AI, bot, machine learning, algorithms for deep learning, blockchain and more: these are all topics that we face in assessing the future of marketing. But we must avoid getting lost in the sea of technological innovations and fashionable words, forgetting what really matters. And this is the idea. Artificial intelligence can not replace the great creative ideas that come to mind to real people. The Burger King commercials, deceitful and apparently harmless, capture a central aspect in our relationship with the new complicated technologies and the still very blurred outlines, on which it is difficult to get an idea.

China's AI Industry Has Given Birth To 14 Unicorns: Is It A Bubble Waiting To Burst?


A staff member displays a DJI Phantom 3 4K drone during CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. It may come as a surprising fact that there are now 14 Chinese AI companies valued at $1 billion or more. These unicorns are worth a combined $40.5 billion, according to a report China Money Network recently released during the World Economic Forum's Summer Davos gathering in Beijing. Just to put these numbers in perspective. Google bought DeepMind for over $500 million in 2014. Chinese voice recognition giant iFlytek Co. has a market capitalization of 63 billion yuan ($9.2 billion). Chinese AI startups raised $27.7 billion via 369 VC deals in 2017, according to a recent report from Tsinghua University. So naturally, it raises questions on if there is a bubble waiting to pop in the Chinese AI space. How could these companies, with an average age of less than five years, be worth so much money?