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Tesla News: Model 3 Delay, Record Quarterly Revenue, Fully-Autonomous Driving Option Soon

International Business Times

Tesla, Inc. announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2017, as well as for the financial year 2017 Wednesday evening, after markets closed. While the company posted its highest quarterly revenue yet, and a smaller than expected loss, it also quietly delayed the delivery of its mass-m...

Self-driving cars: Uber faces Waymo in trial over race to remove the driver


Uber executives are travelling the globe to reassure regulators that the company is changing the way it does business. As Laura Frykberg reports, it follows a string of controversies that have hurt the ride-hailing firm's reputation. A group led by Japanese technology conglomerate Softbank has acquired a major stake in Uber. In a tender offer that expired Thursday, Dec. 28, SoftBank acquired a 15 percent stake in Uber while the remaining members got about 3 percent, according to a person familiar with the situation who was not authorized to publicly discuss details. (Photo: Eric Risberg, AP) SAN FRANCISCO -- There's a big trial starting Monday between two companies you've heard of -- Uber and Waymo, the autonomous car company owned by Google-parent Alphabet. But their brawl is over a topic you might not be familiar with: the technology inside a little spinning eyeball on the top of a self-driving car's roof.

Alphabet's Waymo buys thousands more self-driving minivans

Daily Mail

Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving car unit, is set to buy thousands more Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans, the companies announced today. The deal, made between Google's parent company Alphabet and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is set to expand Waymo's fleet, with first deliveries beginning at the end of 2018. The self-driving, ride-hailing service says the additional vehicles will support Waymo as it expands to more cities across the US, with its first publicly-offered service set to launch in Phoenix, Arizona later this year. Waymo recently unveiled a self-driving minivan that it hopes could revolutionise the way we travel. It showed off the technology at the closely-guarded'fake town' dubbed The Castle, 120 miles southeast of San Francisco The number of purchased vehicles has not been disclosed by either party, nor has the value of the deal, but since Fiat Chrysler's recommended starting retail price for the 2018 Fiat Chrysler hybrid is set at $39,995, and if Waymo's order is in the 1000s, the deal is worth at least $40 million.

Elon Musk claims we only have a 10% chance of making AI safe


Elon Musk has put a lot of thought into the harsh realities and wild possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). These considerations have left him convinced that we need to merge with machines if we're to survive, and he's even created a startup dedicated to developing the brain-computer interface (BCI) technology needed to make that happen. But despite the fact that his very own lab, OpenAI, has created an AI capable of teaching itself, Musk recently said that efforts to make AI safe only have "a five to 10 percent chance of success." Musk shared these less-than-stellar odds with the staff at Neuralink, the aforementioned BCI startup, according to recent Rolling Stone article. Despite Musk's heavy involvement in the advancement of AI, he's openly acknowledged that the technology brings with it not only the potential for, but the promise of serious problems.

Intel Reports 4.1 Percent Rise in Fourth-Quarter Revenue

U.S. News

The chipmaker, which recorded a $5.4 billion charge in the quarter due to the recent tax reforms, has been focusing on its data center business and newer areas such as artificial intelligence and driverless cars to reduce its reliance on its traditional PC market.

Here's how Elon Musk could get tens of billions from new Tesla compensation plan


Elon Musk has spent $72 million on homes in California. His most recent mansion was more than $24 million. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk presents the new Roadster electric sports vehicle to the media on Nov. 16, 2017 at the electric car maker's Los Angeles design center. Tesla has installed a new compensation plan for CEO Elon Musk that would reward him handsomely if he can build the electric vehicle automaker into "one of the most valuable companies in the world." The plan -- delivered with Tesla's characteristic rhetorical flair for bucking corporate conventions -- would provide tens of billions in compensation to Musk if the company achieves its financial goals.

Hyundai at CES 2018: Hydrogen and Artificial Intelligence for the NEXO


The automobile is entering an important period of changes. As proof, at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Hyundai is displaying a vehicle boasting three solutions that all have a chance to become reality within the next few years. That vehicle is called NEXO. First of all, a technology that should still need some time before becoming widely available in Canada, fuel cells. Hyundai, who already showed off the Tucson FCEV in various auto shows and set up a pilot project in British Columbia, has announced that it has enhanced this technology.

Nvidia is partnering with Uber, Volkswagen and Baidu on driverless cars


Nvidia has partnered with Uber, Volkswagen and China's Baidu in driverless cars, as the chipmaker looks to expand its presence in the autonomous driving space. Ride-hailing service Uber will use Nvidia's chips for its artificial intelligence (AI) computing system in its fleet of self-driving cars, the companies said at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Sunday. Nvidia makes graphics computing chips which are key components of the autonomous cars setup. Its stock was up s percent in morning trading. Uber began working with self-driving technology in 2015 and has since launched trials in Pittsburgh, PA, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Nissan's future cars may read your brain to prevent accidents


Nissan is developing a way to help drivers execute evasive maneuvers faster using brain wave technology, the company announced today. By recognizing whether a driver is about to brake, swerve, or perform some other evasive move, Nissan says that this "brain-to-vehicle" interface could help a car with semi-autonomous capabilities begin those actions between 0.2 and 0.5 seconds faster. The company plans to put this technology on display next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. But details are otherwise light. "It's something that's being shown in a relatively early phase, and is not yet close to implementation," a representative for Nissan said via email.

LG Electronics And HERE Technologies Partner On Autonomous Cars


Telematics is an industry that is defined as the integration of telecommunications and informatics to provide vehicle safety and entertainment services such as navigation, location confirmation and emergency dispatch through various communication technologies, from GPS and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) networks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile communication. LG, the leader in the global telematics market since 2013, is committed to introducing next-generation solutions that offer high-precision map information to meet the needs of the quickly expanding autonomous vehicle industry. HERE is the world's leading provider of map data and location services to the automotive industry, powering more than 100 million cars on the road today. The company is also working with automakers on the development of HD Live Map, its highly-accurate cloud-based map service which supports connected ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and automated driving solutions. HD Live Map, which LG intends to deploy in the joint solution it offers automakers, identifies all roads and surrounding features such as lane markings, stop signs, crosswalks, speed signs and traffic lights.