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Save $130 on a Vizio 4K TV — just $298 at Walmart


The Battle of Winterfell is finally happening on this week's Game of Thrones, and the only thing that could possibly make that more exciting is the opportunity to watch it in glorious 4K on a huge TV -- and Walmart has just the thing. Transform your home theater setup with this stellar 4K TV from Vizio -- it's $130 off right now at Walmart, and you'll be really happy that you made the investment. First things first -- this TV looks gorgeous. Value and quality truly come together in this device, combining 4K resolution, a slew of smart TV apps, high dynamic range, and voice control functions -- it's extremely inclusive. Booting up Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video has never been easier, and the built-in Google Chromecast is a luxury that you never knew you needed.

Iliad Includes Netflix, Amazon's Voice Assistant in Its New Set-Top Box

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The telecoms operator's much-awaited new set-top box, dubbed Freebox Delta and designed by Jasper Morrison, will also contained an improved internet speed and data storage, as well as the audio technology of French start-up firm Devialet.