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Treading New Ground in Consumer Electronics - Taiwan Business TOPICS


Taiwan's consumer electronics providers have begun exploring new market segments in the face of slowing global economic growth, decreased replacement demand, persistent concerns over the U.S.-China trade war, and stiff competition from China. The 2019 edition of IFA, one of the world's largest consumer electronics exhibitions, which was held in Berlin in September, provided a glimpse into the progress some of these companies are making. Acer, known primarily for its consumer notebooks and tablets, showed off a few new additions to its line of gaming-oriented computing products designed to please some of the world's most demanding gamers. The company's Predator brand, launched in 2016, includes gaming notebooks, desktops, and displays that boast ultra-low response times and ultra-high resolution. They also contain extra-efficient cooling technology to facilitate long hours of gaming despite the energy-gobbling graphics.

Statista Digital Economy Compass 2017


John Chambers, Chairman of Cisco System 3. Welcome to the Digital Economy Compass 3 Less talking, more facts – our idea behind creating the Digital Economy Compass. It contains facts, trends and key players, covering the entire digital economy. This very first edition will provide everything you need to know about the digital economy. In a global comparison, broadband speed is fastest in East Asia and Scandinavia Source: Akamai Technologies Note: Figure refers to Q3-2016; countries covered: broadband ranking – 147 1: Megabits per second 10 Average broadband speed in Top10 and selected countries (in Mbps1) South Korea 1 Hong Kong 2 Norway 3 23.6 18.2 Sweden 4 20.1 18.4 20.0 19.7 The sevenfold increase in global mobile data traffic is mainly driven by online video streaming Source: Cisco System; figures include only cellular mobile traffic (Wi-Fi or small cell from dual-mode devices are excluded) Note: Other mobile devices include Tablets, mobile PCs, M2M (incl. Pokémon Go was the most popular mobile game for iPhone users across the globe In cooperation with 19 Most downloaded iPhone apps per category and country in 2016 Categories covered: Shopping, Music, News, Gaming, Social Networks U.S. PandoraAmazon CNN Pokémon Go Messenger China Kugou Music Taobao Toutiao WeChat King of Glory Germany SpotifyKleinan zeigen Spiegel Online Pokémon Go WhatsApp U.K. SpotifyeBay BBC News Pokémon Go WhatsApp France DeezerWish Le Monde Pokémon Go Messenger Connectivity 21. "If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends." - Artificial Intelligence Stocks, The Opportunity and Market; (NASDAQ: $EA), ($GOOGL), (OTCQB: $GOPH), ($FB), ($IBM)


For investors trying to understand the opportunity and the size of the market, a report from Statista says that, "In 2017, the global AI market is expected to be worth approximately 1.25 billion U.S. dollars. Some current major uses of artificial intelligence include image recognition, object identification, detection and classification, as well as automated geophysical feature detection. The largest proportion of revenues come from the AI for enterprise applications market." Featured Company: Gopher Protocol, Inc. (OTCQB: GOPH) is a development-stage company developing Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile technology. The Company has a portfolio of Intellectual Property that when commercialized will include smart microchips, mobile application software and supporting cloud software.

Will Apple Buy Tesla? Netflix, Walt Disney Also Maybe On iPhone Maker's Acquisition List, Report Says

International Business Times

In its recently released financial results, iPhone maker Apple revealed it is sitting on a massive $250 billion of cash reserves. And while social media was abuzz with what all that amount of money could hypothetically buy or finance, some analysts took a more realistic approach. According to Citibank analyst Jim Suva, the company will likely use part of the money to fund an acquisition, and among the seven potential targets listed in the Citibank note are names like Tesla, Netflix and Walt Disney, Reuters reported. Among those three, Tesla is currently the cheapest, in terms of market capitalization. The Elon Musk company recently overtook well-entrenched rivals, Ford and General Motors, and had a market cap of $52.84 billion at the close of Friday trade on Nasdaq.

Artificial Intelligence: Silicon Valley's Next Frontier - Innovation on Top Tech News


Virtually everywhere you look, Bay Area tech businesses are running into walls. Smartphones were revolutionary and lucrative, but the U.S. market is saturated, and Apple's iPhone sales have fallen for three quarters. The "app economy" has matured, with more people using existing apps than downloading new ones. And Facebook, which has filled users' news feeds with so many ads it can barely add more, is predicting its revenue growth will slump next year. Silicon Valley needs its next big thing, a focus for the concentrated brain power and innovation infrastructure that have made this region the world leader in transformative technology.

Apple MacBook Pro UK price pushed up £500 by Brexit-related currency chaos

The Independent - Tech

The new MacBook Pro was always going to be expensive. But it is very expensive indeed in the UK, after the prices were shifted because of the falling pound. The computers are as much as £500 more expensive than previous models, because of a combination of the currency changes and the upgrades introduced by Apple. Buying the cheapest version of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar that was released yesterday will cost customers £1,749. Customers can spend as much as £2,699 on stock models of the computer, if they buy the 15-inch version.

Mario makes iPhone debut

FOX News

Move aside, Mitomo: Nintendo announced today that its next iOS app will bring the iconic Super Mario to Apple mobile devices. Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who helped create Mario, joined Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage at the company's iPhone 7 unveiling event today in San Francisco to offer a sneak preview of the iOS version of Super Mario Run. It's a simple game: Mario automatically runs to the right, and your goal is to make him hurdle enemies and small gaps in course. You do that by tapping--the longer you tap, the higher Mario jumps and the higher your score. The game's ultimate goal is to get to the flagpole at the end of the course before time runs out.

Microsoft opts out of Gamescom 2016 press conference in favour of small fan event

The Independent - Tech

Nasa has announced that it has found evidence of flowing water on Mars. Scientists have long speculated that Recurring Slope Lineae -- or dark patches -- on Mars were made up of briny water but the new findings prove that those patches are caused by liquid water, which it has established by finding hydrated salts. Several hundred camped outside the London store in Covent Garden. The 6s will have new features like a vastly improved camera and a pressure-sensitive "3D Touch" display

Nintendo NX Release Date Announced Alongside 'Legend Of Zelda' E3 Update And New Smartphone Games

International Business Times

Nintendo has announced that it will launch its next generation games console -- called NX -- later this year ahead of the product going on sale in March 2017, as the Japanese gaming giant reports a huge fall in revenue. The company announced the NX news at the same time as it revealed that for the fiscal year ending March 31, its earnings plunged 60.6 percent to 16.5 million yen ( 148 million) on revenue of 4.53 billion, down 8 percent. The company has struggled to compete with the Xbox One from Microsoft and Sony's PlayStation 4, with the Wii U failing to replicate the huge success the company experienced with the original Wii. Nintendo failed to give any details about the new console, but quashed speculation about a reveal at the E3 gaming trade show in June, saying the company would be focusing on its new game "The Legend of Zelda" in Los Angeles. Not much is known about the Nintendo NX, with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima telling Time earlier this year that the console would not simply be an update to its current model.