Automatic Programming: Overviews


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As a first step, a system has been implemented to assist in the trial-anderror process of developing new models and techniques for quantitative interpretation of well logs. The user interface exploits graphical techniques to enable petroleum scientists to describe their models in the natural concepts of the domain. The resulting specification can be implemented in any of several different target languages. The system is in active use by petroleum scientists, who find that it has significantly reduced the time to get feedback on hypothesized models.

Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers, II - Recent Progress


A new signature table technique is described together with an improved book learning procedure which is thought to be much superior to the linear polynomial method described earlier. Full use is made of the so called “alpha-beta” pruning and several forms of forward pruning to restrict the spread of the move tree and to permit the program to look ahead to a much greater depth than it other- wise could do. While still unable to outplay checker masters, the program’s playing ability has been greatly improved.See also:IEEE XploreAnnual Review in Automatic Programming, Volume 6, Part 1, 1969, Pages 1–36Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of CheckersIBM J of Research and Development ll, No.6, 1967,601