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IIT Roorkee Offers 5-Month Online Course on Data Science & Machine Learning


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee is offering a five-month online course on data science and machine learning (ML). The course is conducted by Imarticus Learning in association with iHUB DivyaSampark to enable candidates to leverage data Science and ML for effective decision-making. Prof Sudeb Dasgupta, project director of iHUB DivyaSampark said in a press release, "We bring iHUB DivyaSampark's expertise in building outstanding programs with IITs and Imarticus' technical expertise to deliver an outstanding learning experience through a holistic approach. Together, we envision creating a skilled workforce for innovation and digital growth." For more information, go through the brochure.

DP-100 Azure Machine Learning in Python-Basic to Advance


Machine learning workflow orchestration to automate model training, deployment, and management processes using python.

How To Become A Master In Machine Learning With Python?


Machine learning training is something long-term holds. We need more choices for personalization, great proposals, and brilliantly look highlights. The address presently emerges: which is the finest programming language for machine learning? Python training is the arrangement for this. Machine learning online course is best learned in Python online training.

Machine Learning : The Subset of Artificial Intelligence


You may also have heard machine learning and AI used interchangeably. AI includes machine learning, but machine learning doesn't fully define AI. Machine learning and AI both have strong engineering components. You find AI and machine learning used in a great many applications today. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a huge topic today, and it's getting bigger all the time thanks to the success of technologies such as Siri.

【TensorFlow・Kerasで学ぶ】時系列データ処理入門(RNN/LSTM, Word2Vec)


TensorFlow, KerasとPython3を使って、自然言語処理や時系列データ処理を学びましょう。日本語+動画で学べる唯一の講座(2017年8月現在)です。RNN/LSTMは、機械翻訳、自動字幕表示、株価予測などに使用されています。

Machine Learning Top 5 Models Implementation "A-Z"


I have worked with IBM, Cisco, EMC-RSA and others, and I have been an academics for a couple of years. I worked in four continents and travelled extensively. I have a PhD in Engineering, an MSc in AI and an MBA, i am also a Certified Blockchain Expert.

Machine Learning & Data Science Introduction Course


Lucas and his team are experienced Machine Learning engineers and trainers with over 10 years of industry experience in building machine learning and other engineering projects. Lucas enjoys learning and is interested in all things machine learning, data science and cryptocurrency related. He's a keen kaggler and when he's not writing courses or working he's probably to be found hacking an arduino.

SGLearn@From 0 to 1 : Spark for Data Science with Python


Welcome to the SGLearn Series targeted at Singapore-based learners picking up new skillsets and competencies. This course is an adaptation of the same course by Janani Ravi and the team and is specially produced in collaboration with Janani for Singaporean learners. If you are a Singaporean, you are eligible for the CITREP funding scheme, terms and conditions apply. Note from the team ... This team has decades of practical experience in working with Java and with billions of rows of data. If you are an analyst or a data scientist, you're used to having multiple systems for working with data.

Linear Algebra for Machine Learning


Good data scientists are familiar with machine learning libraries and algorithms. It is akin to being an amazing pilot of an airplane, with skills that go beyond flying and borders an airplane mechanic. But to be a great data scientist, those skills will have to surpass the mechanics and thus require a greater understanding. The great data scientist knows how those libraries and algorithms work under the hood. The great data scientist understands the mathematics behind the science. With the speed of technology, there may come a day when the algorithm itself replaces the data scientist.