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100 Best Pluralsight Free Courses and Certification 2020


Are you looking for the Best Pluralsight Courses 2020? This Pluralsight Specialization list contains the Best Courses from Pluralsight Tutorials, Classes, and Certifications. Today's world needs people who are technologically advanced. Pluralsight gives you the opportunity to be skillful through the Pluralsight Specialization Courses. You can also get Free Pluralsight Online Courses. By enrolling Pluralsight Specialization courses everyone can have the opportunity to create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow. With assessment, learning paths and courses authorized by industry experts, this platform helps businesses and individuals benchmark expertise across roles, speed up release cycles and build reliable, secure products. Get lifetime accesses to the entire content including quizzes and assignments as the technology upgrades your content gets updated at no cost? Choose from a number of batches as per your convenience if you got something urgent to do, ...

Selenium training with Python Python Selenium Online Course


Automation testing in Selenium using Python language is probably the easiest way of getting into automation testing. Python is an easy to understand language. If you are looking to get into Selenium, this video will be a good start for you. We provide IT certifications training for professionals. We specialize in the following areas: a) Automation Testing (Selenium, DevOps) b) Business Analyst Certifications (Beginner and Senior levels) c) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) d) Tableau 10 Training Website:

Learning Path: Python: Guide to Become a Python Professional


If you are looking for a complete course on Python programming, then go for this Learning Path. Python is the preferred choice of developers, engineers, data scientists, and hobbyists everywhere. It is a great scripting language that can power your applications and provide speed, safety, and scalability. We will begin this learning journey by understanding the basic concepts of Python such as statements and syntax along with using numbers, strings, and tuples. We will then explore various function definition techniques along with learning the basics of classes and objects.