The Best YouTube Channels for Learning Data Science for Free in 2023


Inrecent years, data science has become an increasingly popular field due to the explosion of data and the need to extract valuable insights from it. While traditional education can be expensive and time-consuming, many aspiring data scientists turn to YouTube to learn the necessary skills. In this article, we've compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for learning data science for free in 2023. We cover a range of topics, including mathematics, programming, data analysis, machine learning and deep learning, career tips and guidance, interview preparation, and staying updated with the latest trends in the field. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced data scientist, these channels can help you improve your skills and knowledge in data science without breaking the bank.

Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python - Udemy Free Coupons Discount - Couse Sites


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Optimization with Python: Solve Operations Research Problems - Couponos 99


Operational planning and long-term planning for companies are more complex in recent years. Information changes fast, and the decision making is a hard task. Therefore, optimization algorithms (operations research) are used to find optimal solutions for these problems. Professionals in this field are one of the most valued in the market. The classes use examples that are created step by step, so we will create the algorithms together. Besides this Optimization with Python: Solve Operations Research Problems Course is more focused in mathematical approaches, you will also learn how to solve problems using artificial intelligence (AI), genetic algorithm, and particle swarm.

Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, Deep Learning - Udemy Free Coupons Discount - Couse Sites


Welcome to the "Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, Deep Learning " course. It's hard to imagine our lives without machine learning. Predictive texting, email filtering, and virtual personal assistants like Amazon's Alexa and the iPhone's Siri, are all technologies that function based on machine learning algorithms and mathematical models. Machine learning is constantly being applied to new industries and new problems. Whether you're a marketer, video game designer, or programmer, my course on Udemy is here to help you apply machine learning to your work. Data science experts are needed in almost every field, from government security to dating apps. Millions of businesses and government departments rely on big data to succeed and better serve their customers. So data science careers are in high demand. Udemy offers highly-rated data science courses that will help you learn how to visualize and respond to new data, as well as develop innovative new technologies. Whether you're interested in machine learning, data mining, or data analysis, Udemy has a course for you. If you want to learn one of the employer's most requested skills?

Python Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)


If you already know Python basics, then this course is the next step in your Python learning path to becoming a Python programmer. In Python, object-oriented Programming (OOPs) is a programming paradigm that uses objects and classes in programming. It aims to implement real-world entities like inheritance, polymorphisms, encapsulation, etc. in the programming. The central concept of OOPs is to bind the data and the functions that work on that together as a single unit so that no other part of the code can access this data. A class is a collection of objects.

2023 AAAI Tutorial: Advances in Neuro Symbolic Reasoning – Lab V2


This resource page will be updated periodically prior to the event. Over the past five years, the community has made significant advances in neuro symbolic reasoning (NSR). These NSR frameworks are now capable of embedding prior knowledge in deep learning architectures, guiding the learning process with logical constraints, providing symbolic explainability, and using gradient-based approaches to learn logical statements. At this time, several approaches are seeing usage in various application areas. This tutorial is designed for researchers looking to understand the current landscape of NSR research as well as those looking to apply NSR research in areas such as natural language processing and verification.

Is Machine Learning Hard? A Guide to Getting Started


Machine learning is an advanced field that incorporates many aspects of mathematics, computer science, and coding. A career in machine learning typically requires a Master's of Science degree. The education and training involved in machine learning can require intense dedication, depth of knowledge, and attention to detail. You can get started with machine learning by learning coding languages, practicing fine-tuning algorithms, and paying close attention to artificial intelligence applications for products and services. Everything from the technology of a Tesla vehicle, Netflix's recommendation algorithms, c or speech-to-text recognition on your iPhone represents an innovation in machine learning. You can find information about machine learning from a breadth of free, accessible resources.

40 Under 40 Data Scientists 2023 – Who are they?


Following two action-packed days of workshops, conferences, paper presentations, and tech talks, Machine Learning Developers Summit 2023 concluded by awarding 40 dynamic data scientists with the 40 Under 40 Data Scientists award. Aakash is a seasoned analytics leader with 15 years experience and has been instrumental in driving data and insight-led transformations. Over his career, he has worked closely with biz functions to drive revenue and achieve aggressive market growth by leveraging more than 50 analytical approaches. He also has experience in launching AI and tech-based solutions like Omni Channel Attribution, Customer Segmentation, Customer-360, Supply Chain Efficiency, Workforce Management and more at telecom, media, FMCG, retail, and ecommerce industries. Abhilash Surendran is assistant vice president, analytics, and data science at Merkle, leading the analytics practise for their high-tech portfolio. He comes with 15 years of experience in advanced analytics, data science, data visualisation and consulting.

5 of the best free online Python courses available this week


The good news is that you don't need a voucher code to access these coding courses. You can simply enroll for free. It couldn't be any easier, so what's stopping you?

Top 10 Programs for Studying Artificial Intelligence in 2023


However, what cannot go unnoticed is the fact that artificial intelligence is the key that unleashes its power. The importance of AI in almost every field has brought in a heap of opportunities for people who are looking forward to making a promising career. You need to have a fair understanding about AI to land a decent job. Taking this into account, there are countless AI courses and programs available that one can rely on. Which one to choose among the lot has always been a question. Well, we have got you covered.