Image Understanding: Instructional Materials

Weights & Biases - Exploring Neural Style Transfer with Weights & Biases


In this tutorial, we'll go through the neural style transfer algorithm by Gatys, implement it and track it using the W&B library. Let's assume that we're building a style transfer app for production. We'll need to compare the results generated by changing various parameters. This requires subjective comparison because we cannot use an accuracy metric as no style transfer result is more "accurate" than the other. So, we'll need to choose the parameters according to our preference and this requires side-by-side comparison which can easily be done using wandb library.

Part 2: Image Classification using Features Extracted by Transfer Learning in Keras


Part 1 discussed the traditional machine learning (ML) pipeline and highlighted that manual feature extraction is not the right choice for working with large datasets. On the other hand, deep learning (DL) able to automatically extract features from such large datasets. Part 1 also introduced transfer learning to highlight its benefits for making it possible to use DL for small datasets by transferring the learning of a pre-trained model. In this tutorial, which is Part 2 of the series, we will start the first practical side of the project. This is by starting working with creating a Jupyter notebook and making sure everything is up and running. After that, the Fruits360 dataset is downloaded using Keras within the Jupyter notebook. After making sure the dataset is downloaded successfully, its training and test images are read into NumPy arrays which will be fed later to MobileNet for extracting features.