IET awards innovation funding to agritech start-up - The IET


A British agritech start-up has won a prestigious Horizontal Innovation Award from the IET and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC) to help develop'Harry', the company's drilling and planting robot. Small Robot Company, based in Shropshire, harnesses the power and precision of robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the way that food is produced. The £50,000 funded research award will look to develop'Harry' from concept through to in-field prototype. Addressing key challenges around the use of robotics in agriculture, the development of'Harry's' punch planting mechanism will be supported by the Manufacturing Technology Centre, one of seven centres of excellence which make up the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVM Catapult), which is sponsored by Innovate UK. The technology is built on 15 years of robotics research by Professor Simon Blackmore, the world's leading expert on precision farming at Harper Adams University.



Neural networks (NNs) and deep learning (DL) currently provide the best solutions to many problems in image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, control and precision health. NN and DL make the artificial intelligence (AI) much closer to human thinking modes. However, there are many open problems related to DL in NN, e.g.: convergence, learning efficiency, optimality, multi-dimensional learning, on-line adaptation. This requires to create new algorithms and analysis methods. Practical applications both require and stimulate this development.

Panel Looks to Foster Collaboration Around AI and Machine Learning for CNS Diseases GNS HealthCare


There's no question artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are enabling important discoveries in healthcare, but there can be a bit of a disconnect among the various stakeholders using them. A panel discussion at the upcoming CNS Summit in Boca Raton, Fla. presents a rare opportunity to bring the parties together and foster collaboration.

How humans will learn to love the robots of tomorrow


For the Perfect Strangedroids discussion panel on Wednesday, Engadget hosted a trio of robotics experts.. Sabri Sansoy, CEO and Chief Roboticist of Orchanic; Nader Hamda, Founder and CEO of Ozobot; and Stu Lipoff, IEEE Life Fellow and President of IP Action Partners all took the Engadget stage at CES 2018 with senior editor Andrew Tarantola moderating.

Seventh Workshop on the Validation and Verification of Knowledge-Based Systems

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The annual Workshop on the Validation and Verification of Knowledge-Based Systems is the leading forum for presenting research on the validation and verification of knowledge-based systems (KBSs). The 1994 workshop was significant in that there was a definitive move in the philosophical position of the workshop from a testing-and toolbased approach to KBS evaluation to that of a formal specification-based approach. This workshop included 12 full papers and 5 short papers and was attended by 35 researchers from government, industry, and academia. The workshop is the leading forum for presenting research on the validation and verification of knowledge-based systems (KBSs). It has influenced the evolution of the discipline from its origins in 1988; at this time, researchers were asking the questions, How can we evaluate the correctness of KBS? How is this process different from conventional system evolution?