The AI Forum helps NZ pave the way with AI sustainability practices


Non-profit organisation The AI Forum is helping Kiwis learn about addressing climate change issues through the use of AI technology. Taking knowledge from their recent AI for the environment report, which will be released at TechWeek2022, the organisation has focused on five key environmental outcomes for Aotearoa where AI can deliver meaningful solutions from both modern science and matauranga Maori perspectives. The organisation says that while it's encouraging that results of a recent survey revealed one in five enterprises are using AI effectively in New Zealand, it was still concerning that only 7% are engaging in core practices supporting widespread AI adoption and 17% are not considering AI at all. "The majority of Kiwi companies are still in initial trial stages with just over one third taking their first steps in building AI capability," says The AI Forum NZ executive director Madeline Newman. "Most of these have run ad hoc pilots or applied AI to a single business process, which is a good cost effective start in understanding how and where to make best use of AI in business."

AI-Powered Body Scanners to Detect Cancerous Moles on Skin


A small island in the South Pacific Ocean recently shot to fame by becoming the first territory on our planet to derive its energy needs from the Sun. Covering a small area of 10 square kilometers, Tokelau is a part of New Zealand and lies to the North of Samoan islands . Funded by the government of New Zealand, Tokelau spent about $7 million to put in place three solar grids that will now enable its 1500 residents to harness and utilize solar energy for their daily needs. Why spend $7 million for a power plant in the middle of nowhere you might ask! While the small island generates a small sum of $ 500,000 every year by selling agricultural produce, it spends over $2.8 million, most of which is spent of food and fuel.

Machine Learning (ML) – Complete Guide


Machine learning (ML) is the use of computer algorithms and statistical methods to help computers learn and make decisions from data, without human supervision. Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a major component of data science. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning or often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Machine learning can be used in any field where data is involved.

People with square faces are seen as more AGGRESSIVE than those with oval faces, study finds

Daily Mail - Science & tech

From Zac Efron to Margot Robbie, many of the world's most beautiful celebrities are known for their square faces. Now, a new study claims that people with this face shape are seen as more aggressive than those with oval faces, such as Rihanna and Ben Affleck. Researchers from the University of New South Wales measured the facial-width-to-height ratio (FWHR) of 17,607 passport images of male and female faces, before asking people to rate them for aggression. The results revealed that faces with a high FWHR (square faces) were rated as more aggressive than people with low FWHR (oval faces) – particularly if they belonged to young men. From Zac Efron to Margot Robbie, many of the world's most beautiful celebrities are known for their square faces Researchers from the University of New South Wales measured the facial-width-to-height ratio (FWHR) of 17,607 passport images of male and female faces, before asking people to rate them for aggression.

Covid-19 news: Cognitive impairment equivalent to 20 years of ageing

New Scientist

Covid-19 can cause lasting cognitive and mental health issues, including brain fog, fatigue and even post-traumatic stress disorder. To better understand the scale of the problem, researchers at the University of Cambridge analysed 46 people who were hospitalised due to the infection between March and July 2020. The participants underwent cognitive tests on average six months after their initial illness. These results were compared against those of more than 66,000 people from the general population. Those hospitalised with covid-19 scored worse on verbal analogical reasoning tests, which assess an individual's ability to recognise relationships between ideas and think methodically. They also recorded slower processing speeds. Previous studies suggest glucose is less efficiently used by the part of the brain responsible for attention, complex problem-solving and working memory after covid-19. Scores and reaction speeds improved over time, however, any recovery was gradual at best, according to the researchers. This cognitive impairment probably has multiple causes, including inadequate blood supply to the brain, blood vessel blockage and microscopic bleeds caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as damage triggered by an overactive immune system, they added. "Around 40,000 people have been through intensive care with covid-19 in England alone and many more will have been very sick, but not admitted to hospital," Adam Hampshire at Imperial College London said in a statement. "This means there is a large number of people out there still experiencing problems with cognition many months later." The biological mechanism behind a rare and severe covid-19 response seen in some children may have been uncovered by researchers at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Doctors have so far been unable to identify why some children develop multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) in response to covid-19, which can cause symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain and heart disease.

The 10 best video games made in Australia – sorted

The Guardian

There used to be a time where video games were sneered at and overlooked by the culturati as lowbrow schlock but games are, and always have been, a lively and responsive form of artistic expression. It's not always immediately clear when a game was made in Australia, which makes it a little harder to celebrate homegrown hits – which we should do, because we have a thriving community of developers who punch well above their weight. The Australian independent games scene is vibrant, dynamic and overdue an apology. As I have (graciously, selflessly) decided, we're all going to yank games from the declasse and appreciate them properly – so here are 10 great Australian-made games, all variously ruminative, charming, effervescent, sincere, generous, visceral, cheeky, and beautiful. Glad we have that sorted.

Machine Learning Operations Engineer / Machine Learning Engineer


Marley Spoon is bringing delightful, market fresh and easy cooking back to the people, while re-inventing the global food supply chain to reduce unethical food waste. We are connecting consumers with quality producers, providing fresh ingredients directly to customer's homes and we are present in Europe, the US and Australia, shipping more than 140 000 food boxes every week. We are a lean team working closely with the Data Warehousing, Data Science and DevOps Teams. The main focus of this team is to build and provide Services and Infrastructure to the Data Science Team to move models into production while following best practices. As a data driven company this position is a vital one for the growth and success of Marley Spoon.

Council Post: How We Can Use AI To Help Achieve Sustainability Goals


As with many of us, after three years of staying home, I realized a few months ago that I'd had it with the pandemic. Having traveled up to 70% for years before Covid-19, my initial reaction to being in the same time zone and same building and bed was pure gratitude, even bliss. I wanted to go out and experience the world again. During our last Omicron-initiated staycation over the Christmas holidays, my 14-year-old son stated in his very polished, diplomatic and convincing style that he was bored. As soon as we learned Omicron was manageable, and there would be a break from lockdowns and fewer travel restrictions, we decided to get on with it and book some memorable holidays. So came the trips to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

A model that can help inexperienced users identify phishing emails


Phishing attacks are cyber-attacks through which criminals trick users into sending them money and sensitive information, or into installing malware on their computer, by sending them deceptive emails or messages. As these attacks have become increasingly widespread, developers have been trying to develop more advanced tools to detect them and protect potential victims. Researchers at Monash University and CSIRO's Data61 in Australia have recently developed a machine learning-based approach that could help users to identify phishing emails, so that they don't inadvertently install malware or send sensitive data to cyber-criminals. This model was introduced in a paper pre-published on arXiv and set to be presented at AsiaCCS 2022, a cyber-security conference. "We have identified a gap in current phishing research, namely realizing that existing literature focuses on rigorous'black and white' methods to classify whether something is a phishing email or not," Tingmin (Tina) Wu, one of the researchers who carried out the study, told TechXplore.

Advancing data justice – a short documentary


The Advancing Data Justice project is a Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) initiative, led by The Alan Turing Institute. Researchers from the Institute have been collaborating with twelve Policy Pilot Partner organisations from Asia, Oceania, Africa, and South America, and each of these have been working to understand what data justice might look like in their distinct contexts. The aims of the project are 1) to gain a better understanding of the current state of research in the field to better inform future research directions, and 2) to create a guide for policymakers, developers, and communities affected by AI, comprising advice on what they should consider in their practice, use and experience of AI systems. As part of the project, the team have recently launched the first instalment of a documentary series which tracks the work of the project partners. They discuss how data-driven technologies can be deployed in a way which is compatible with values of social justice.