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Graphic Art Recordings and Data Management Education at Enterprise Data World 2018 - DATAVERSITY


The first panel depicts a collection of talks by Doug Pontious of Amerisure titled Cultivating an Analytics-Driven Culture to Ensure Successful Insight Generation, and Jacob Ablowitz and William Hickson at titled "What's My Data Worth?" Pontious' session discussed some best practices learned at Amerisure as they unified many different data sources into an enterprise repository. Ablowitz and Hickson's presentation covered the fundamentals of commercializing data. Bradley A. Rhine of Fulton Financial Corporation and Kristin M. Love of GSK – Not the Return on Investment: Alternatives to Measuring Your Data Integration Strategy; Peter Haynes Aiken at Data Blueprint, Ed Kelly at the State of Texas, Jeffrey Kriseman at the State of Tennessee, and Michael Leahy at the State of Maryland – Challenges Facing the "First" State CDO (Not Initially Different from the Private Sector); JG Cowper of Healthbridge – How Prescribing "Data Glasses" to Eye Surgeons Is Transforming How They See Their Industry; Michael Scofield of Loma Linda University – Good Data, Bad Information – Why the Disconnect; and, Ian Rowlands of ASG Technologies – Data for Everyone: A Changing Data World. Cathy S Normand of ExxonMobil – Making Metadata Valuable – ExxonMobil's Journey Collecting and Cataloging Metadata; Lori Hurley and Denise Janci at Allstate – Divergent Approaches to Metadata Management: Lessons Learned; Ron Klein at Klein Admonition – Deriving New Business Terms from Technical Metadata; Liju Fan of OFR – Semantic Metadata Management: Leveraging Intuitive Ontologies Developed with Best Practices; David N Plotkin of MUFG – Metadata Quality: Ignore at Your Own Risk!; and, Susan Swanson at HCSC – Leveraging the Enterprise Metadata Repository for Data Governance Oversight and Data Quality Monitoring.

Cisco And Tennessee's Transportation CIO Report On Cybersecurity Trends


Digital transformation is rapidly moving the transportation industry from a closed, proprietary and analog ecosystem to open, networked, always-on mobility platform. It is already a prime example of the efficiency and revenue-generating potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and soon, as we are promised by legacy and upstart automakers, it will become the prototype of the autonomous, AI-driven, robotic future.