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SambaNova Systems set to propel OTP Bank into the age of Artificial Intelligence


OTP Bank has selected SambaNova Systems to help build Europe's fastest AI Supercomputer, positioning OTP Group and the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (MIT) of Hungary as European leaders in the modern day space race to a post AI business. The partnership and plan is to create the fastest AI supercomputer in Europe in the coming 100 days in an attempt to leapfrog both Wall Street and Western European competitors in the AI race. OTP Bank is looking to produce an AI system to be used for national research. This research will help to aid the private and public sectors, as well as higher education across all of Central and Eastern Europe in cooperation with the ITM of Hungary. When speaking to Co-founder and CEO of SambaNova Systems, Rodrigo Liang, alongside Marshall Choy, Senior Vice President and Head of Product at SambaNova Systems, it became easier to understand the scale of the project at hand.