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Forget dating apps: Here's how the net's newest matchmakers help you find love

MIT Technology Review

Morgan basked in the feel-good vibes of seeing people find each other--"I love love!"--and reveled in the real-life connections she was able to mastermind: multiple dates in her hometown of Portland, Oregon; someone who was thinking of flying to meet somebody in New York because of the thread; even a short relationship. Even today, people continue to add their pictures to the thread, seeking love all across the United States. If this feels a bit like old-fashioned matchmaking, it is. These operations are often ad hoc, based on platforms like Twitter and TikTok, and--unlike the dating apps, with their endless menu of eligible suitors--hyperfocused on one person at a time. Randa Sakallah launched Hot Singles in December 2020 to solve her own dating blues.

Deep Learning Can Now Predict Traffic Crashes Beforehand


The lead scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute or QCRI and also the author of the paper, Amin Sadeghi, says that the deep learning model can generalize from one city to another by adding multiple clues from unrelated data sources. With the help of AI, he says that the deep learning model can identify and predict the crash maps in uncharted territories. This dataset has included 7,500 kilometers from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Boston. When considered among the four cities Los Angeles was identified as the highest crash density after which follows New York City, Chicago, and Boston.

Supercharged: Tesla shares rally to a record high

Al Jazeera

Tesla Inc. shares rallied to a record high on Friday, taking the electric-vehicle maker another step closer to joining an elite group of companies with market valuations of at least $1 trillion. The stock jumped as much as 1.8% to touch a high of $910, before closing at $909.68 in New York. That drove the Elon Musk-led automaker to briefly overtake the valuation of Facebook Inc. The trailblazing electric-vehicle maker is up 29% this year, ahead of S&P 500 Index's 21% advance. Meanwhile, Facebook took a heavy hit on Friday after a cautious outlook from Snapchat parent Snap Inc. weighed on the shares of ad-dependent technology companies.

Sr. Applied Scientist - Computer Vision


Amazon Web Services are looking for a passionate and talented Applied Scientist who will collaborate with other scientists and engineers to develop computer vision and machine learning methods and algorithms to address real-world customer use-cases. You'll design and run experiments, research and develop new algorithms, and put your algorithms and models into practice to help solve our customers' most challenging problems. This role resides in AWS Professional Services, a unique consulting team where we pride ourselves on being customer obsessed and highly focused on the AI enablement of our customers. If you do not live in a market where we have an open Applied Scientist position, please feel free to apply. Our Applied Scientists can live in any location (D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Denver) where we have a WWPS Professional Service office.

Research Scientist (AI/ML Signal Processing)


Riverside Research is seeking a Research Scientist with a general background in machine learning and artificial intelligence and a focus on signal processing to join a dynamic, growth-focused Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab. The Lab performs research and development focused on providing solutions to the Defense and Intelligence Communities. As a key member of our Open Innovation Center, the research scientist will execute as well as assist in growing opportunities with government research organizations (e.g. DARPA, IARPA, service labs, etc.), perform on our corporate-wide Independent Research & Development (IR&D) efforts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, manage existing R&D contracts, and transition technology into our other business units. The Research Scientist will work with team members located in the Dayton OH, Washington DC, New York City, and Boston office locations while reporting to the Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab of the Open Innovation Center Business Unit.

New York launches strategy for ethical AI - Cities Today


New York City has launched its first artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, with an emphasis on digital ethics. It aims to help the city establish a shared understanding of AI and capitalise on the benefits while managing the risks. The 116-page AI Strategy focuses on how to use AI to better serve residents; building AI know-how within government; modernising data infrastructure; city governance and policy around AI; developing partnerships with external organisations; and promoting equitable access to opportunities. It is the latest in a series of initiatives that aim to make New York City'future-ready', following on from the IoT Strategy and the Internet Master Plan. "As a global epicentre of innovation, New York City has a key role to play in shaping the future of AI," said New York City Chief Technology Officer, John Paul Farmer.

A.I. Breakthrough Could Disrupt the $11 Trillion Medical Sector


A massive disruption now appears imminent in one of the world's largest – and most important – industries. In much the same way that Amazon disrupted the retail business – and how PayPal disrupted the payments industry – one under-the-radar health technology company now seeks to transform the $11.85 trillion global health industry. By moving healthcare away from brick and mortar, traditional medicine into an AI-driven tool that offers unprecedented speed, efficiency, and accuracy... Investors still have a brief window of opportunity to get in on this transformational investment opportunity while it still flies beneath Wall Street's radar. But as you'll soon discover, this company's technology is so powerful that it could become a valuable addition to hundreds of millions of households worldwide. Whether most patients, providers, or large healthcare companies realize it or not, the healthcare industry is already in the early stages of significant change. That's because patients now desire access to more information – and better information – in the blink of an eye. In a recent survey of U.S. health consumers, 71% reported facing major frustrations through their experience with healthcare providers. Concerns ranged from difficulties scheduling appointments to impersonal visits.

Instacart acquires smart checkout startup Caper AI for $350M


Learn more about what comes next. Instacart today announced that it acquired Caper AI, a startup developing technologies to automate brick-and-mortar checkout experiences, for approximately $350 million in cash and stock. With the purchase, Instacart says that it aims to help retailers "unify in-store and online shopping [flows] for customers." Caper's New York-based workforce will join Instacart, adding hardware engineering talent to Instacart's existing product development team. Over time, Instacart expects to integrate Caper's technology into the Instacart app and the ecommerce websites and apps of its retail partners, allowing customers to build online shopping lists and browse recipes ahead of time and check off their lists as they go. "Over the years, Instacart has continued to expand its retailer enablement services, helping brick-and-mortar grocers across North America move their businesses online, grow, and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

This AI tech may spot unseen signs of heart failure -


New York, Oct 19, 2021- US researchers have developed an electrocardiogram-reading algorithm that can detect subtle signs of heart failure. Heart failure, or congestive heart failure, occurs when the heart pumps less blood than the body normally needs. For years, doctors have relied heavily on an imaging technique called an echocardiogram to assess whether a patient may be experiencing heart failure. While helpful, echocardiograms can be labour-intensive procedures that are only offered at select hospitals. In the study, the researchers at Mount Sinai described the development of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer algorithm that not only assessed the strength of the left ventricle but also the right ventricle, which takes deoxygenated blood streaming in from the body and pumps it to the lungs.